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Welcome to the Global Learning Rome, Italy Internship Blog

Hello everyone!

My name is Joey Hammers and I am a senior at Walsh University. The Global Learning Program offered me the very unique opportunity to do an Internship in Rome, Italy. Over the next 10 weeks I will be using this blog to share my experiences, photos, and tips that may help future students that participate in the program. I look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with everyone and I hope that you all enjoy!

– Joey Hammers

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Counting Your Quarters

Doing laundry is such a hassle! Almost no one likes doing it. It takes up large amounts of time, it costs $0.75 per cycle, you have to get detergent and dryer sheets, you have to keep checking back on the timer, and sometimes you just totally forget about your clothes. I forget about my clothes all the time! Sometimes I just leave them soaking in the washer for a while or let them sit in the dryer. I also just ran out of quarters. Now I have a mountain of clothes to wash.

Laundry adds up so fast. One day you just finished all your washing, the next day it seems like your hamper is already full! This happens all the time, especially if you are an athlete. That makes it so much worse because it is a pile of old sweaty clothes. Doing laundry is a time consuming task, especially for busy college students that love to study. Thankfully, Walsh’s Student Government is to the rescue.

The student government just passed a resolution to force the investigation of a free laundry system. That’s right! FREE! You would not have to use quarters ever again! You could do as many loads as you wanted. Companies have already been contacted to get the process moving. We would be able to keep the same washers and dryers; the systems would just be updated. There is even one company that has the option of texting you when your cycle is done! How sweet is that! No more constantly checking or forgetting about your clothes. There would only be a small increase in tuition for residential students of about $13. The process is in the works and will hopefully be implemented soon! Keep your eyes open for emails on this topic!

Tip of the Week

The Walsh University Student Government is a great resource. There are meetings every other Thursday. There is always an email sent out the day of so that you know when the meeting is. The meetings are open to all students and faculty! Through these meetings, one can find out about all of the upcoming events on campus and the latest changes being implemented. You can even bring up topics of your own. The To-Go Boxes in the Schervish Dinning Center was one of the many changes Student Government accomplished last year. Stop by meeting and realize that it only takes one student to make a difference on campus.

Have a great weekend and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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The Power of Going Home

College can be a stressful time. It really is refreshing to leave your worries on campus and head home for the weekend. There really is not anything like the home cooked meals, the multiple hugs, and the unlimited amounts of snacks (it seems like I never have any snacks at college). Spending just those couple days at home can be a refreshing, revitalizing experience.

The problem with going home is that there is a certain, not necessarily negative, but overwhelming influence. That influence is something that almost everyone has to face whether they realize it is there or not. It is the power of not doing homework. Everyone plans what textbooks they need to bring before they pull out of the parking lot. Unfortunately, not many people end up opening those textbooks. There is some force that prevents us college kids from doing homework while at home. Maybe it is because we have large couches at home that are just so comfy. Perhaps it is because there are so many friends to hang out with. Who knows?

The only way to actually ensure that you do work while at home is to basically lock yourself in you room. Even then, there are still so many distractions to worry about. Sometimes I find myself cleaning my room just to avoid doing work. It is better to plan times that you come home. It might be better to stay at school on a weekend that you have a lot of work to do. Try to come home on a weekend where you do not have much to do. There are just so many other things beside homework to do while you are home. There really is not a reason why this occurs, but there really is just some power that prevents us from being productive.

Tip of the Week

Social media is a huge force in our current society. It is still continuing to grow as we rely on it more and more for information. That does not have to be a bad thing. Embrace it and it will help you in the long run. Social media is a great way to stay updated on your friends, but especially the news. As soon as an event occurs, there are pictures and stories shared on all different types of social media.

Social media can also help you stay updated on Walsh’s events. Almost every organization on campus has a Twitter account you can follow and a Facebook page you can friend. By doing that you will be updated on all the events and fun activities going on around campus. Organizations even hold special contests for their followers and friends. Who knows, maybe you will be the next winner of a new, freshly pressed t-shirt!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Just Take A Nap!

College can be a stressful time. With all of the classes, the studying, the social life, the school events, it can be hard to find time to rest. When I was college-shopping the summer before my freshman year, the cashier at Kohl’s told me something that is extremely true. She said, “You can have only two of the three things in college: a social life, good grades, or sleep. You can only choose two.” Being the spunky kid I am, I told myself I would prove her wrong and get all three. After a few short weeks of college, I realized she was right. I chose to take the good grades and a decent social life. After about two months, I was exhausted.

I was never a fan of naps in high school. I always had something better to be doing. Also, I thought naps were for older people and children. I was a young teenager playing sports and flirting with girls. I did not need to ever take a nap! Occasionally, I would fall asleep for maybe an hour or so and wake up all groggy. I felt gross when I would wake up because I wasted so much time sleeping. When college rolled around, I did a one-eighty.

Naps have become a staple in my college life. You may be only able to choose two of the three things, but they never said anything about naps! Taking a nap can do wonders for your energy levels. A 10-minute to 20-minute nap, or the power nap, is great for giving you the energy to get through the rest of the day. It also boosts concentration so it is great before buckling down to study. The 45-minute to 1-hour and 15-minute nap leaves you waking up groggy and still feeling tired. That kind of nap really does not really provide much immediate benefit. The 1-hour and 30-minute nap to 2-hours and 30-minute nap helps with memorization and digestion of information. This kind of nap is great for studying definitions and retaining knowledge.

College is a busy time. Naps can really be a benefit to the busy student. If you did not get more than five hours of sleep the night before, consider taking a power nap!

Tip of the Week

Always wash your hands! As the weather starts to get colder, illness will start to spread. The antibacterial spray found around campus is always nice to use. Unfortunately, that spray is not as effective as washing your hands with soap and water. Before you go grab some dinner, make sure you go actually wash your hands. It will take a couple extra seconds, but trust me; it will be worth it because your mom is not here to take care of you. Take care of you body and stay healthy!

Have a great week and stay classy!

– Andrew Chwalik

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Get Out Your Dusters

Welcome back to Walsh! I hope you all had a fun-filled and yet productive summer. Now that the first week is behind us, it is time to dust off your calculators, sharpen your pencils, and actually buy your textbooks. To be honest, you will use most of your textbooks. The only bad part is that they are so expensive! The bookstore on campus has a rental program, which significantly lowers the price. Buying used textbooks is always a good alternative. Of course, there are also many websites where you can purchase your textbooks. A good rule of thumb to remember is, in this situation and in life, having options is a great thing!

Being organized your first week of college is a must! It is sometimes hard transitioning from sleeping in until 2pm to having an 8am class. Keeping your daily and class schedule ordered will help make that transition easier. You could use a planner (and cover it with a bunch of stickers to make it look cool), your smart phone, hang up a calendar, or even hang up a bunch of sticky notes (Last year, my friend’s room had sticky notes in every nook and cranny with little reminders).

I finally found out how to use the event alert function on my iPhone and that has really helped me keep track of my many different commitments. It is also important to keep your schoolwork organized. You do not want to be the one that forgets about a test or an important project. Keep all of your assignments written down in your planner or on a sticky note. For all of you iPhone users, check out the ‘myHomework’ app (It is free!). It keeps track of all your different assignments, tests, readings, projects, and finals! You can even have the app remind you a couple hours before the item is due. Staying organized is always a good habit to keep up, even after graduation. Trust me, it will make life easier.

Tip of the Week

Stay physically active! There are so many benefits of exercising. Walsh makes it easy to stay active through its Student Wellness Program.

You can try out yoga, ballroom dancing, Zumba, multiple different fitness and core programs, and much more! Exercising at least 30 minutes every day will leave you feeling accomplished and put you in such a better mood. Running around our gorgeous campus is always a nice alternative. If you do not believe me, give it a shot! Try out one of our wellness programs. I guarantee you will feel the stress fall right off of your shoulders.

Have a great week and stay classy!

– Andrew Chwalik

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Daylight Savings Time, robbed of sleep once again!

Every year, it’s the same story:

I know it’s coming, my calendar is the written proof of that. I try to plan my weekend accordingly so that I get to bed early to make up for the one hour lost on Saturday night sleep. Alas, no matter what I do, I end up losing that hour and wake up on Sunday sleep-deprived and disoriented with the time change. Then there is the mission of changing all of the clocks in the room (the car is by far the worst one).

But on to Walsh-related things:

International Events

Thinking Day collaboration with Girl Scouts of America

Our International Coordinator arranged for me to go speak to around 200 Girl Scouts and their troop leaders about all things Canadian. This was in light of World Thinking Day, a day recognized by Girl Scouts all over the world to educate one another about different cultures and the diversity that exists within our communities, our nations, and the world. I was excited to go speak to the girls, as I had been  Girl Guide (the Canadian equivalent to Girl Scouts) for many years and know how important this organization is for girls to gain a sense of community, fellowship, independence, self-worth, and awareness of the world around them. I had a good time, got a few laughs from the crowds, and was treated to a gift of Girl Scout cookies! Yum 😀

World Week is approaching

Get ready for a week of International food, music, art and culture in the David center! Every year, World Week is dedicated to expand Walsh residents’ knowledge of other nations in a fun and interactive way. Keep on a lookout for emails and posters announcing some of the events and highlights this week will entail.

Tennis time

Adventures in gatorland: Florida Spring Break 2011!

Another spring break tennis trip success! The weather held out beautifully, the tennis provided with excellent competition to get us ready for our season, and fun was had by all as we enjoyed a new location (and by far the best one out of my four years). Here are some pictures, compliments of Barbie Lewis, a Junior on the Women’s team:

The inside of our condos. We had a two-level suite, with a full kitchen and 2 kichenettes, a large flat screen TV, lots of sleeping space, 2 balconies, daily cleaning services and access to great resort amenities. Most used: the hot tubs, excellent after a day of match play.

A view of the lake and the other buildings of the resort from our balcony window. Full screening kept out pesky bugs, what a great idea! It was a great place to catch up on reading or eat a meal "al fresco".

Getting ready in the shade before a match. The shade quickly became many people's friend when they realized the intensity of the Florida sun and heat. I was always a fan.

Cheering on our teammates at one of our match locations. One of the only days where we needed some layers. Much better than last year's weather!

A team dinner at Pizza Hut. Could have picked something more local, but I had never tried stuffed crust pizza before, so I was happy to sacrifice a bit of my health to try the cheesy goodness. Verdict: great concept, but enjoy in moderation.

Business Club Bulletin

Sherwin-Williams to come pay Walsh students a visit

Career Event Alert! Watch your emails and save the date: March 23rd from 4:30pm-6pm. BCC will be hosting a guest speaker at our meeting: a recruiter for Sherwin-Williams! This is a great opportunity to speak to someone from HR to ask questions about applying for jobs, interviews, resumes, and all about being a young professional after graduating. Come with questions and an attitude that means business! There are potential job openings available that the recruiter is looking to fill.

In Other Walsh News . . .

Work Out Room gets a new coat (of paint)

I know that isn’t extremely interesting, but hey, I was away from Walsh all week! I’m searching for news here.

Attention Seniors: Cap and Gown Pick-up THIS week

to everyone graduating this Spring Semester, Tuesday and Wednesday is your cap and gown pick up dates! While you are there, please remember to vote for an Educator and Mentor of the year. Nominees are in, so all you need to do is vote from the selection of candidates at a table located by the cap and gowns.

A Guest from Israel

On Thursday in my International Business class, we arranged for a woman from Israel to come and speak to us about entrepreneurial businesses and inventions that are being developed in this small, young country. It was a very informative presentation and we learned how vital business in Israel really is to our modern lifestyle.  I had no idea so many inventions and innovations come from Israel!

Travel Tips and Tangents

Seeing as I have some pictures from Orlando, this week will be a general rant about travelling.

It surprises me how little people travel within their own countries. I myself have only been to 3 of our 10 provinces and haven’t been close to any of our 3 territories. I know my way around Rome almost as well as I know Toronto! Speaking to other students, I find a similar trend. When given the option to travel, people are all too eager to go overseas and overlook the potential of their own national backyards.

As I get to know the states better, I realize how diverse they really are, some of them almost like countries within themselves.  The beliefs, the daily life, the food, the music, the dress, and even the language changes among the states and creates quite an interesting patchwork of diversity. Geographically, the United States offers almost every major ecosystem, with different types of terrain, flora, and fauna that differs in each state.

So next time you find yourself looking to get away, save some money and splurge on a trip to your own country. Find a state, province, or territory that you have never been to and go explore it! Who knows what treasures await you there . . .

Have a great week back at school everyone!


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Welcome back snow, I thought you had left!

Hello all!

Long weekends always make the week fly by. Having only two days of class is not too shabby if you ask me! People ask me what I do with all of my free time. What free time? I am booked daily with activities but frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

International Events

Foreign students flying down the hills

The International Club ran into some good luck! Our overnight trip to Peek n’ Peak was a huge success.  😀 The temperatures were balmy (so much so that one of the students went snowboarding in shorts), the snow still soft enough to break the falls and the resort had just the right atmosphere. Almost everyone who went out picked it up well enough to join the rest of us on the normal runs in the afternoon. Although it was slightly frightening to watch some of my fellow Internationals fly straight down some runs, everyone made it out alright that day. The next few days, however, was a different story. My roommate in particular was more or less bed-ridden for 2 days due to every muscle being sore and stiff.  I guess some caught the ski bug, as some internationals went up to Brandywine for college night yesterday to try it out again.

Tennis time

Mini match to get us warmed up

This week, we split the teams up and will be holding a mini match between teammates. This will get us in the groove and prepare us for our matches in Orlando next week. The men played their mini match yesterday and I must say, they look really strong this year! I predict a successful season for them.

Orlando Calling

In less than 7 days, both the men and the women will head down to Orlando, Florida for our Spring Break trip! I am excited to see our new location, to play some new teams, and of course, enjoy some sunshine without having to bundle up.

Business Club Bulletin

Sherwin-Williams to come pay Walsh students a visit

Career Event Alert! After Spring Break, watch your emails and save the date (TBA). BCC will be hosting a guest speaker at our meeting: a recruiter for Sherwin-Williams! This is a great opportunity to speak to someone from HR to ask questions about applying for jobs, interviews, resumes, and all about being a young professional after graduating. Come with questions and an attitude that means business!

In Other Walsh News . . .

Student Government Proposes a Father’s Day

Not to be confused with the Hallmark day in June, Walsh would like to create an event that is just for you and a male role model in your life. Student Government is currently organizing an activity-filled weekend for students and their dads (or uncles, grandfathers, etc) as a way of saying thank-you for taking care of us, providing us with guidance, and being a pillar of support in our lives. Keep looking at your Inbox!

An early spring???!!  Winter is BACK

So that was a close call, but clearly winter is back for one last hurrah! Although many people are not sharing my enthusiasm with this idea, I did convince some people to make the best of it. On Wednesday, as the snow looked just right, I proposed an afternoon of snowman-making and was met, surprisingly, with several eager students ready to help out! Here is what we created:

A mom, dad, child, baby, and faithful canine companion, complete with some festive "holiday" trees!

Unfortunately, that night it was destroyed by unknown culprits. 🙁

Travel Tips and Tangents

Back to Europe this week:) mi amici! This time it is to Florence, a city I was just in for a weekend but will remember for a lifetime. Florence is famous for it’s Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral,  as the setting for the birth of the Renaissance,  housing notable historic figures and artworks (Michelangelo’s David) and as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Even in the rain and cold temperatures, I must agree that it was a very beautiful city with many things to see and do. It had lovely shops to explore in the day time, and a great night life atmosphere. A “must see” destination if you are ever in Italy.

Looking inside the dome of Florence's Cathedral. The details were exquisite!

Fashion is a passion in Italy, and it was alive and well in Florence! The window displays are like works of art themselves.

The Cathedral. Amazing marble and stone work covered the building, producing a very impressive impact to all who looked on.

Rubbing his nose ensures a return to Florence. I don't know what a bitten hand means . . .

My next issue will be in March, so have a great Spring Break and enjoy your week off!


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Unusually Warm Weather here at Walsh

Hola a todos!

Right now I am in the Spanish mood. My official contract for my studies in Malaga, Spain, just came through and I am excited for the summer to arrive! But I will take it one season at a time as I do not want to rush my final months of undergraduate studies here at Walsh.  I am going to miss this place!

International Events

Hitting the slopes to shred some pow!

Tomorrow is the day! At 9:oo a.m., 15 Walsh students will hit the road to New York state for an overnight trip to Peek n’ Peak Ski Resort. I am looking forward to my last few runs of the season, as my March Break is reserved for tennis matches down in Orlando, Florida. One day I will make my spring skiing pilgrimage out West or our East for some real mountain skiing. Wish us luck and for an injury-free time!

Tennis time

Walsh making their mark in Springfield, OH

Congrats to the men’s team! Walsh secured personal as well as tournament victories down in the doubles tournament. One doubles pair won the consolation draw; another pair made it to the semi-finals and one pair made it all the way to the finals!

Alumni gathering and recruit signing

The tennis teams’ annual Walsh Alumni event went very well if I may say so. We had alumni from the decades come and visit the current teams, with some challenging us to a doubles match on the courts of the Hall of Fame. It was fun playing with different people and especially good to have a free meal, generously provided by one of the alumnus. The women’s team had a reason to celebrate that night because we just signed on a new recruit for next year! I am sad because I will not be here to get to know her better 🙁

Business Club Bulletin


BCC will be going through some changes for next year. The club needs to look in a different direction if we are to survive as a club in the future. Any ideas? Let me know! We are open to suggestions for new activities, fundraisers, service projects and events. The luncheon will still be a major event, but we are looking into totally new events.

In Other Walsh News . . .

Expand your social circle

I have never really been for the repetitive pattern of living. Moving around to new areas, trying new things, and meeting new people is the spice of life that makes me excited each and every day to be alive. I had an opportunity to meet someone new just yesterday and had a refreshing conversation about culture, traditions, nature, and my future plans. I wish I had met this person sooner, but we were both thankful for the moment even if it will be the only one. In short, I  implore all of you to break from your usual social circles from time to time and meet someone you have not spoken to before. It is amazing what you may learn from them and from yourself. Carpe Diem-> Seize the Day!

An early spring???!!

Those groundhogs must be on to something, because this week certainly felt like spring! Warm winds, sunlight, melting snow, and birds singing was the outdoor setting of the week. Again, I think I was one of the only ones concerned with this early change (I always welcome spring, but I like having my final month of winter before I start switching over into the warmer weather). Good news for ski bunnies: the weather is going to be cold again next week!

Travel Tips and Tangents

Where to go this week? Let’s bring it closer to home and go to Lexington, Kentucky. More specifically, let’s move to the Kentucky Horse Park where I went in 2007 to attend the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day event. This is really for the horse-inclined and the horse-obsessed. For those three days, Lexington is overflowing with competitors, their coaches, their grooms, their families, and hundreds of spectators who come to cheer on their favourite riders. The weather worked out fairly well and the events did not disappoint, so overall it was a great trip :).

Details on a jump in the cross country course. The jumps themselves are pretty intricate, requiring a lot of wood, brush, flowers, and details.

Bronze horse statues in downtown Lexington. They were extremely lifelike!

A horse race I can actually win! These bronze racers stood in place, so it was pretty easy.

The show jumping competition on the final day of the event. Keep in mind, these jumps are at least all 4 ft and higher and these competitors had been working for 2 days already. Endurance is key!

Talk to you next week!


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Taking Care of Business (for BCC)

Hey everyone!

Now that the storms have passed and people can finally get their cars de-iced, it is back to the grindstone here at Walsh. Be careful of that black ice though, it has already claimed the dignity of many students across campus.  If one does find themselves on the ground after a fight with friction, just be glad that you brightened up someone else’s day with your comic fall.

International Events

Dating in America and Ski Trip

I wish I could comment more on the first part. This week, the International Club hosted a discussion on the differences of dating and relationships here in the United States. It may sound silly at first, but the truth is that many cultures around the globe have very different customs and expectations when it comes to courtship and dating. Had I been present, I would give you details. I can only assume that fun was had by all.

In old news, our ski trip is officially booked and filled! Now all we need is a cold enough day to keep the snow light and fluffy to cushion the imminent falls that will occur with our first-time skiers and boarders.

Tennis time

The men have their first match today down in Springfield, OH. Most of the team left around 4:30am today to attend a doubles tournament. Good luck boys! The women had an 8:00am practice today, so both teams were up bright and early, all in the name of tennis.

Business Club Bulletin

Valentine’s Day Bake Sale . . . SUCCESS!!!

Well after two days of sales I must say, the BCC Bake sale was a HUGE success! We sold out of almost all of our goods and made more than $100 for the club. Thank-you to everyone who helped bake, sell, and advertize for the event. A big thank-you to my roommate, Ashley Smith, who provided us with the majority of our goodies. Please check out her page, she is amazingly good at what she does and her products are outrageously tasty!

We are in the process of discussing changes for the club and our vision for future years. More updates TBA!

In Other Walsh News . . .

Student Government Activity

This past Thursday was the most intense Student Government I have ever been to! Debates, challenges, bylaw research, genuine interest in topics and general student interactions made this past meeting interesting indeed. As an executive member of Student Government, I must say that I was very impressed with the input and interest from the senators and other exec. board members. Although things did get a little heated at times, we all learned a lot from this experience and I hope next meeting is even better 🙂 This Sunday, all Student Government participants are invited to go bowling as a “welcome back” party of sorts, provided by the exec. board of Student Government 😀

Heating Up

It is difficult to judge how to dress here at Walsh. As much as the weather tells me to wear heavy knitwear and layers, as soon as I enter a building I am blasted with such heat that it makes me wish I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. I think this is where the problem lies. I will remind everyone that yes, it is winter time and unfortunately, that means wearing more than a single layer of clothing to class. It wouldn’t feel like the Sahara in the first place if everyone dressed appropriately so that room temperatures could be set to comfortable living temperatures. And let’s not forget the energy savings too! Remember, smaller bills for Walsh means smaller bills for students!

Kindness in the Cafeteria

I was impressed this week with dining services. As I was filling my plate with General Tao (or is it General Tso? Canadian/American translation issues), I lamented the lack of broccoli mixed with the chicken.  Sure enough, one of the staff ran to the kitchen and brought me all the steamed broccoli I could ask for to mix into my plate. Thank-you for completing my meal, five stars for customer service!

Travel Tips and Tangents

One of my loyal readers has asked me to bring my focus away from the UK, so this week I am moving to sunny Madrid, Spain:

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is a wonderful European city with both a local and international vibe. Modern mixes with the antique, classic style mingles with modern day visions, and the laid back Spanish attitude balances out the metropolitan, hectic feel of city life. Good food, good fun, good prices. Viva Madrid!

Sangria and Paella, the perfect first meal in Spain (both orders were repeats many times during our stay in the country).

Keisuke relaxing with a saxophonist in Buen Retiro Park. A very large park right downtown, the "Central Park" of Madrid.

In the gardens of the Royal Palace. I never made it inside . . . guess that will be next trip!

A traditional Flamenco show in an old and rustic bar a little ways away from the main tourist spots. A very emotional type of dance, with wonderful costumes.

Traditional tapas, the afternoon traditional cuisine in bars all over Spain. Fun fact: Tapas comes from the verb Tapar "to cover". Sherry drinkers would use a piece of bread with smoked meats or fish on it to cover their glass of sherry, preventing flies from falling into their drinks.

Have a great weekend, hasta luego!


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Starting February with not one, but TWO snow days!

So the first week of February went pretty quickly for students, faculty, and staff here at Walsh. Due to the intense weather that was experienced in many states across the country this week,  it was deemed too dangerous to travel on the roads to the school here in Stark county.  This led to an unheard of event: 2 snow days in a row! I hope everyone was productive during this time, whether it was finishing-up homework, cramming in some extra studying, or catching up on the university student essential: extra sleep.

International Events

President’s Day Break plans (updated)

We are putting our Dinner proceeds to good use this winter, by hitting the slopes! Many Internationals have never gone skiing or snowboarding before and are willing to try something new, despite warnings of the soreness to follow.  We have plans to go to Peek ‘n Peak for an overnight trip. The trip is designed with Internationals in mind, however, anyone from the International Club or the Walsh community may attend! Please email for more information.

Tennis time

Due to some match changes, I will be posting our schedule next week.  Our practice schedule has been thrown off for a few days due to the weather (and a lack of power at our practice facilities) but have no fear, we will still be ready in time for our season!

Business Club Bulletin

Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

You heard it here first! On February 10th and 11th the BCC will be selling baked goods and handmade chocolates for Valentine’s day. Everything will be priced for under $5.oo, and there may be some raffles for Valentine’s Day prizes as well! If you haven’t found something for that special someone yet, come to the David Center this coming Thursday and Friday at lunch and dinner times and help out a Walsh organization.

The Annual Business Luncheon is still on the works, but keep your early April free, just in case :)

In Other Walsh News . . .

A snow day won’t stop our Cavaliers

More victories! Both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams still bring the heat, even though the ice storm kept many fans away from the court. Nevertheless, both teams defeated their Point Park competitors and kept their sterling reputations. I also just found out that Walsh replays games on our school TV station (in the 30s I believe) for anyone who could not make it to see it live.

Watch out for all of the ice

Walsh is doing a great job waking us all up early in the morning as they salt and shovel to make the pathways safe for pedestrian travel. However, once you venture off the paths, you are doing so at your own risk! The glazed over snow is very dangerous, so take that extra minute to get from point A to point B and use the paths whenever possible. I have already witnessed many falls and injuries,  with some not as humourous as others.

Pandora: A great option for free music

Walsh has reminded us all time and time again about the dangers of downloading files and music for free with P2P sharing.  Fear not, you don’t need to break your piggy bank to access the music you want to hear. PANDORA! Sign up for a free account and listen to a limited commercial radio station that customizes a station based on your requests and music preferences.

Travel Tips and Tangents

Pack your kilt and prepare yourself for blood pudding, it’s off to Scotland this week! Technically a part of the United Kingdom, don’t think of it as England by any means because Scotland is rich in its own culture, heritage and history. From the rugged highlands to the ultra-modern face lifts seen in the major cities, Scotland is bountiful in experiences. My top 5 faves: 1. The delicious scones and shortbreads; 2. Highland cows; 3. Cashmere scarves; 4. The Highland games; 5. Edinburgh on a warm and weekend.

Braveheart, bovine style! A monument I found while wandering the streets of Edinburgh.

One of the most bizarre trees I have ever seen, outside of our dorm at the University of Edinburgh. It is called a Monkey Puzzle tree.

Climbing Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano, and looking down on the University's campus.

Hollyrood Castle in downtown Edinburgh. We had planned to go to the Queen's Gallery that day, but the Queen was in house (the flag flying means the Queen is "in") and the gallery was closed. I waited for a while, trying to catch a glimpse of the famous monarch, without success.

Despite my luck in weather, this is not a typical scene one finds in Scotland. Edinburgh-ians(?) make the most of this sunshine and flock to the parks as soon as they can.

Keep up the safe driving!


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