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Rome Survival Tips – Subways



Another main form of transportation in Rome is the Metro or Subways. When I first arrived here the only knowledge of subways that I had came from TV and a 10 minutes ride on one when I was in New York City. I have to say that although not all of the stereotypes are true, some of them are. I know have to take the morning metro that is full of people commuting to work, so it is normally packed like a sardine can. After a few days of trying to stuff myself on the train I finally asked one of my co workers, who is Italian and has lived in Rome, what is the best way to do it. This is when I learned the best method is to go all the way to the last car; there are generally less people because everyone likes to get on in the middle. I’m not saying this is a foolproof method, there are still times when I will wait for the next train because I don’t want to stuff myself on, but this seems to work a lot better than the alternative. Rome is a large city and like most big cities around the world it has some problems with pickpockets. Pickpockets like to stay around the subway because they get so many different people (tourist especially) and it is always so packed. This doesn’t mean that you have to be scared when getting on the subway (or any public transportation) it just means that you have to be aware. If someone is really close to you on the subway when there is a lot of open space, it might be a sign that you need to move. Over time you start to get a sense of things that aren’t partially right around you. I will do a post on pickpockets later, but for now as long as you stay aware and ready you will have no problems handling the subway commute.

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About Me!

Hello Everyone!

For this post I wanted to tell you guys more about who I am and how I’ve been given this opportunity to Intern in Rome, Italy. My name is Joey Hammers and I am a 5th year senior at Walsh University majoring in Communications. I transferred from Ohio University Zanesville in the Fall of 2015 after getting an Associate’s Degree in Electronic Media. After graduation I want to work in advertising or a related field. As I write this post I sit on a train headed from Walsh University’s campus in Castel Gandolfo headed into the Eternal City. I fell in love with the city of Rome, Italy one year ago when I participated in the Walsh University Spring 2016 Rome Experience. During the Spring 2016 Rome Experience, an eight-week intensive semester, where Rome became my classroom, I learned about culture, history, language, and my place as a global citizen. I also had the opportunity to try all of the amazing food, see the historical monuments that I grew up reading about, and the chance to live a big city lifestyle that was completely new to me. After those short 8 weeks were finished I had to go back home, but I knew that I had to return.

In the Fall of 2016 I approached Mike Cinson, the Director of Global Learning and Rachel Hosler, the Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning asking, “How can I get back to Rome?” They asked if I as interested in participating in an abroad internship and I jumped at the opportunity. It wasn’t long after that I found myself make flight arrangements. Working with the Rome Site Director, Danilo Mori, an internship was found working with the USO in Rome. The USO (United Service Organizations) is an American organization that helps US military men and women. The USO Rome holds special events around the city and helps veterans who want to visit Rome. I will be in Rome for 8 weeks getting to see the city from a whole new perspective, while gaining work experience that will help me as I look for a career. I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with you and I hope that it will make you want to pursue a global internship as well.

-Joey Hammers

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