Hometown: Canton, OH
Class of 2016
Exercise Science: Pre-Physical Therapy

Spirit For JV.

Last year I went to some JV girls and boys basketball games, but not too many because varsity games have more attendance and the schedule is publicized more. This year, one of my residents plays JV basketball so I have the schedule and want to get more people involved to support the JV teams. The effort they put forth and the same and the games are still exciting. I will be making one of the games my floor program if you would like to come to one and the schedule is below so try to make it to one.

JV Girls Home Basketball Games

November 20th vs. Notre Dame College @ 7 pm

November 25th vs. Kent Tusc @ 6 pm

January 21st vs. Baldwin Wallace @ 7 pm

January 22nd vs. Lorain County Community College @ 6 pm

Febuary 10th vs. Mount Union @ 7 pm

The girls lost 64- 62 in a long hard played game against Tiffin but it definitely made me excited for their season by the way the girls played.

Have a great week and good luck on any tests or projects you may have this week.

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Too Anxious.

I’m sure everyone is meeting with their advisors this week and next week. I talked to my advisor yesterday about my schedule next semester and up until graduation and he brought up the idea of double majoring! It’s not set in stone yet but the idea of it is still in my mind because I didn’t think I would be able to double major.

Now that the idea is out there, I’m so anxious for my junior year to start so that I can see what the outcome will be. I am really striving to be able to double major so that I can be more diverse with my application to graduate school. I know that I should just live in the moment and worry about right now but I’m sure we all know it’s hard to not think into the future about things.

But we only have about a month left of school so it’s time to crack down and keep the momentum going until winter break.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and enjoy this wonderful fall weather we have been having lately.

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There’s No Place Like Home.

This is around the time, or the time has already passed that you begin to miss home, the little things like your sibling annoying you or being able to be taken care of when you’re sick. I will admit I have been getting really home sick. My family moved to Columbus last month so going from being 5 minutes away to 2 1/2 hours made me realize I love being around them much more than I thought. On a positive note though, the move was for the better and Columbus has a better mall than Canton.

Trick or treat happened this Wednesday with the little kids and each hall decorates to win best decorated hall and all the residents can compete for best decorated door. My floor, Menard 2nd floor south wanted to do despicable me but another floor was doing that so we decided to do Wizard of Oz.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road signs for the little kids to follow.

The door decoration that 2 of my residents did to go along with the Wizard of Oz theme.

And to bring it all together it reminded me that even on the best adventures that you have in life, missing home is very normal and we all go through it every single semester during college. So if you’re missing home you are not alone. Walsh has more breaks than most universities so there are plenty of opportunities to go home and get rejuvenated for school again.

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Even With Fall Break, The Rivalry Still Remains

The biggest game of the year, Walsh vs Malone. Even though it’s fall break and many students are at home, I went to the game to support the football team and of course be apart of the rivalry. The students that did go to the game made my day fun as I sat in the student fan section (of course we had to upload the picture to Instagram).

The game was a constant back and forth between the touchdowns with both teams fighting to win. Then the Cavs came through with a great interception and from then on controlled the rest of the game.

Even though it’s fall break, it was still nice to enjoy some football with great weather (until the very end) and great fans and it was nice knowing there was no pressure to study or do homework after the game because it’s fall break. With that being said, enjoy the days off because coming back the week will be a breeze.

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Family Time.

Fall break is here and even though I am excited to relax, I am mainly looking forward to spending time with my family. It’s nice being with family because they always say exactly what you need to hear, most of the time. Being an RA, I have been on campus 2 weeks before school started so I have really missed being with my family. Family always keeps you going when you feel like you can’t go on. Friends are awesome, especially the ones I have here at Walsh, but like they elders say, there’s nothing better than family. I got to spend time with my aunt and cousin yesterday at Quaker Steak and Lube and that was relaxing. Today I spent some time with my brother and mom and it was nice because I got to go shopping, and all girls love shopping. My brother won his soccer playoff game and has a championship game so I am very excited and proud of him.

We all need time to spend with our family and it’s great to have a break so enjoy it.

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Got To Love Ohio. . .

Right when I make a post about the weather changing cold, it changes again to being hot. Last week the weather was in the low 50′s, now it’s in the mid 70′s.  Ohio has to be one of the states that has the most unpredictable weather.

Even though I am not a Browns fan,  they did win and that is surprising. I love the Indians, they may have lost on Wednesday, but congratulations to them for making it that far.

Even though the weather is being bipolar, it’s nice when the weather is nice out and sports teams are doing well.

Fall Family Weekend starts tomorrow also so there will be a lot of cool activities going on this weekend so enjoy the weather, participate in the activities and watch some football on sunday.

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Temperature Steadily Changing.

Now that the temperature is slowly changing it’s time to change some habits. The temperature in Ohio changes constantly of course but there are a few days coming up where the temperatures will be slightly cold.

Some Tips For The Fall Weather :

  • Do all homework and studying the same day as you have the class because you are not going to want to do homework, you are gonna have that motivation to just lay in bed under the covers.
  • Be prepared for daylight savings time, the sun is already setting earlier and that already affects our sleep schedule because we tend to get sleepy earlier.
  • Stay active so you aren’t staying in your room besides the times you are going to class and eating. Go to floor programs, UPB programs and be a part of the fitness classes that are put on by different Walsh groups. It will also help to keep you awake.
  • Remember to bring a jacket to your classes because they tend to get chilly in the newer buildings and it’s hard to focus when you are shivering or thinking about when you will get back to your room and under your covers.

The weather is changing but remember the tips so that you can be successful this semester.

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Go Out & Support.

Even when my schedule gets hectic I still make time to go to some of the sporting events. A lot of the freshman and even some upperclassmen complain that there is nothing to do at Walsh. There are sporting events almost every other day.

I went to the volleyball game last night with one of my friends here and we also went to the volleyball game this afternoon and the football game. I went to support the friends I have that on both teams. No matter what the outcome is, they still appreciate the support. So whenever you feel like there is nothing to do, look at the athletic schedule to see if there is a game going on, and you can always find someone to tag along with you to the games. Go out and support because you have to make Walsh the campus you want it to be and having a positive attitude is a great start.

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There’s Always Some Good Within The Bad.

Can I just start out by saying, this week might have been one of the most stressful weeks I have ever had while being here.

I had a paper Tuesday, a huge lab practical Wednesday, an interview to be a campus ambassador on Thursday, a test Friday, going to the volleyball game Friday night and a bunch of readings in between. To top it off, I was on duty last night.

But what made my week great was I was chosen to be a campus ambassador, which I am excited about, and I had a great opportunity to be a judge and interview the homecoming court nominees Friday.

Judging was a wonderful experience, because being a sophomore, I wonder what I will think when I look back on my college experience once I become a junior or senior. The nominees not only had impressive essays and resumes, but also did phenomenal during the interviews. I look up to the nominees because they have all made a difference or positive impact somehow throughout their time here. They also are known by everyone as good people and that is how I want to be looked at when my I get ready to graduate. Having the opportunity to judge really gave me a lot to think about. It helped me to see that someone is always watching on campus even when I don’t think someone is, so I have to act accordingly if I ever want to be nominated which I hope I will be one day. I definitely look at the nominees as role models and wish them all the best of luck during voting and in their careers after graduation.

Now that my stressful week is over though. I can hang with friends and sleep. . . Or do blogs.

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Procrastination, The Biggest Trap

This past week has definitely kicked everything into high gear. I am starting to get use to my schedule. With exams coming up this week and more meetings and events to be a part of, being proactive with your schedule is one tip that helps through college and life.

  • Wednesday night, I had to to hurry and get food and items for my floor program after leaving lab class which I should have done earlier but I decided to nap. I  had a successful floor program for my girls on the 2nd floor of Menard, and we chatted over snacks and they filled out a questionnaire for me to get to know the things that they would like to do for the school year and how to be an effective RA. I am hoping we don’t gain 15 pounds this year due to the fact that I incorporate food at all of my programs pretty much because that’s the secret to good attendance.
  • Thursday night I was on duty until 12:50 am and even with dragging all of my homework to the duty office with me, I got nothing accomplished with all the residents talking to me and helping the time go by; which I do not mind at all.
  • Friday was my 19th birthday and after work and my classes, my family and friends all spent the day bringing me presents and food and I spent most of the day constantly replying to everyone on social networks that wished me a happy birthday.
  • Saturday morning I got ready for the football game, which was a great game and even better weather. Walsh won 25-14 and with many interceptions by our cavaliers. I went to mall with some of my friends here and out to eat that night planning to watch the boxing match but Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t show boxing so we watched Ohio State play.
  • Sunday I went to church and went to the movies with my little brother to watch the Turbo in 3D, it was a good movie.

After all of that, I came back to school and had to buckle down and get so much homework done. I planned to get homework done during the weekend and that was a horrible idea to think that I would really get anything done. The best way to prevent cramming and late nights up doing work, is to do the studying and the assignment each day after class or small amounts through out the day. I am still falling into the “I’ll finish it tomorrow” trap but it’s good to know that at Walsh, there are always people at Walsh that will study with you and keep you om track. My friends still text and tweet me and tell me to study when they know I am getting distracted. Take it from me, procrastinating may seem like a great idea at first and when it catches up to you, you realize it was a bad idea.

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