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Fight On, You Cavaliers!

Fight on, you Cavaliers
We will defend our might and honor
Drive on to victory
And we will proudly stand and shout:
Go Walsh!…

The words to our Fight Song rang true on Saturday Night! The Walsh vs. Malone game is always a big one- I’ve written you on multiple occasions telling you of the big wins, or the last second “hail marys” that make up this classic rivalry. In this game, however, there were no such “hail mary” passes or last second touchdowns… just a good old Cavalier beat down… YEAH CAVS!

Our beloved mascot Tuck who graduated last year came back to visit us. The upperclassmen had to get a pic with him!!
We put up a stunt with Tuck for old times’ sake :)

This season, our Cavaliers have had somewhat of a slow start. Until the game on Saturday, we had been under a four game losing streak. Frustratingly enough, each of these losses came at the expense of only a single missed touchdown or field goal, as we have not lost these games by much. As a cheerleader, it is heartbreaking to see our guys working so hard on the field, and still coming up with a loss. Our team has battled through many injuries so far this season, on top of the fact that this is our first real year in the NCAA and we are meeting with many tough opponents.

Before I get to telling you about the game on Saturday, I have to do a quick shout out! This year, the cheerleaders have started a new tradition of team dinners the Friday nights before Saturday home football games. I’m not sure why we didn’t think of doing this before, but it has quickly become a favorite amongst the girls and myself! The cheerleaders and their families that live close to campus host our dinners, and so far we have had two great ones. Morgan and her parents, as well as Kacey and her parents have hosted us so far, for great nights of food and laughs. Anytime you combine 17 cheerleaders and REAL food (such a treat after having to cook for yourself for a month!), it is bound to be a great time. I am looking forward to our next couple of dinners this month! A BIG thanks to Morgan, Mrs. Nunez, Kacey, and Mrs. Wyman!

Team Dinner :) !

I’m not sure whether it is the usual feeling I get before a Malone game, or a cheerleader’s intuition, but Saturday morning I just knew that the game that night was going to be a big one- and I couldn’t have been more right. We ended the game with a 34-7 win over the Pioneers, having held them to only one touchdown in the third quarter. Not only did our offense do a great job, but our defense recovered three Pioneer fumbles and had two interceptions. How’s that for a comeback after a few discouraging weeks? This win against Malone marked our first official Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC), which is the new conference of the Walsh University Cavaliers as official NCAA members. Next week, we are on the road to Ashland University, who is the current leader in the GLIAC. If you get a spare second, say a quick prayer that our team continues to stay driven and playing as the talented team that they are! The cheerleaders will be following the Cavaliers on the road, so we will be present to help to cheer our boys on to victory!

Holding the run through for the team. Almost game time!!
Here Come the Cavaliers!


Gina and I :)

Fight on, you Cavaliers!

… And when the game is through,
And the contest has been won,
We’ll sing a song for Walsh
And cheer you on, our Cavaliers!

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Don’t Tempt Fate, That Text Can Wait!

Did you know that 25% of all yearly car accidents occur from texting and driving? Did you know that you are 23x more likely to get in a wreck when a cell phone is involved?

We’ve all done it- quickly checked a text at a red light or made sure that your e-mail sent. What seems like a harmless gesture could change your life in a moment. As college students, this is something we need to continually remind ourselves.

I am a residential student, but I have many friends that commute to campus daily; not to mention I am constantly driving to work, football games, etc. While walking into work the other day, I noticed a small group gathering in the downstairs of the David Center. My boss Bernie is not only the Coordinator of Student Activities, but is also in charge of Commuter Services. As part of Campus Safety and Security Week, her department of Commuter Services was putting on an event for their students to pledge not to text and drive. Even though I’m not a Commuter, I felt the need to participate in this event because I thought it was a great cause.

Each student painted their thumb and put their thumb print on a banner to publicly pledge their agreement to put the phone down while driving. Participants also received a thumb band that said “Text Free Driver.” The banner was hung in the David Center for the student body to see. It sounds like a silly gesture, but in reality it really makes you think; how many times do I really check my phone while driving? Is this phone call really THAT important for me to answer right this second, or can it wait until I reach my destination? We’re all guilty of it; but what are we putting at risk? It’s not only our own lives but the lives of everyone around us. Whether we are driving to campus, work, or a sporting event, putting a stop to texting while driving begins with us college students.

What are you putting at risk while texting and driving? Make the pledge with the other students of the University. Don’t tempt fate- that text can wait!

Bernie painting my thumb for the poster :)
Text Free Driver!
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Welcome Back Cavaliers!

Hello Walsh friends!

I just arrived home from half-price sushi Monday at A1 with Nicole who was my roommate sophomore year (if you haven’t taken part in this before, you seriously need to. It’s a Walsh student favorite).  As I was driving I had the windows down and the country music cranked up, and I got that familiar feeling  of excitement that a new fall semester always brings. This sort of not so cold not so warm weather is what I wait for all year long, because it can only mean two things- football season and a new semester at Walsh. WELCOME BACK CAVALIERS!

I hope you all had an amazing summer! I myself had a busy, but great one. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll remember how I am an orientation coordinator for the university. This summer was my second year as a coordinator, and I welcomed two new coordinators into our orientation family, Chelsea and McKenzie. We became roommates for the summer and little did I know we would not only become co-workers, but I also gained two amazing friends. We spent the summer planning the freshmen orientation weekends, with an all new orientation leader staff. This year proved to be a record year with the number of applications we got from students wanting to be orientation leaders- nearly 100 applications! This is yet another clue into what a close knit, welcoming university Walsh is- the fact that there are so many students willing to volunteer their own time in the summer to welcome the new students to campus. We have so much fun during these orientations, and I sincerely urge you to consider getting involved with this program if you enjoy meeting new people and are passionate about Walsh. As I will graduate this spring, this was my last summer as a coordinator. I can honestly say that I will miss this job immensely. The friends I have made and the families I have met I will carry with me forever. It is not often that you come into contact with people who are so committed to making a difference in someone else’s life, and I am so thankful to have been part of this program!

The three Orientation Coordinators and our bosses Michael and Bernie!
A perk of the Coordinator job is that we get use of a golf cart for the long orientation days.. Chelsea loves driving it the most. I just sit back and relax :)
Part of our awesome staff… so excited to be helping, even at 8am on the second day of orientation weekend :) great job guys!

Orientation Coordinators... Chelsea, Myself, and McKenzie. Love these girls!

While on the subject of graduation this spring, I just need to ask- WHERE DID THE TIME GO? I can remember moving into Alexis my freshman year, and now I’m an old woman and in my senior year! I am currently applying to graduate schools to eventually get my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. This summer, I spent a lot of time doing observation hours, as required of undergrads to prove their commitment to the field of PT . The physical therapy centers around Walsh are so great about letting us come and observe, and I currently am working with Spectrum Orthopedics in their Therapy and Wellness center. Spectrum is a sponsor for Walsh athletics (and also the group of doctors who tend to my shoulder-that recurring cheerleading injury from last season), so I knew that it would be a great choice for obtaining observation hours. The therapists at Spectrum have been absolutely phenomenal; they have completely validated my desire to become a therapist one day. They have taught me so much about general therapy, the proper way to write and maintain charts, and about various medical conditions that I may come into contact with. Some of them are even graduates of the Walsh PT program, and they have fueled my desire to continue on my education at Walsh (I have always had my sights set on staying at my home away from home!)

This past Saturday marked my very last Walsh football season opener. My best friend Lisa and I were named captains of the cheerleading squad this year, and I absolutely cannot believe that this is my last football season cheering. This year marks our first official year in NCAA Division II, and so far, the Cavaliers have a record of 1-2. We are ranked 5th in our division, and we have high hopes that this season will start us off strong in this new NCAA territory. Also new this year, we have 12 freshman on our squad. Did you catch the game? Didn’t they do an awesome job? SO PROUD OF THEM! Contrary to the young squad we have, we are having an awesome season as well. Not to mention we all have become very close in the past few months … I guess 12 hours of practice a week will do that to you :) How about a few pics from the game this weekend?…

My boss Michael’s son Cooper… our littlest Cavalier fan!
Upperclassmen picture!
Let’s Go Cavs!

Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have about three different papers to write. I am only taking one science class this semester, which means that I have four other classes- all of which have professors that love writing assignments. What’s a science major to do??? This is foreign territory! My roommate Kayla and I are watching the Country Music Awards, so I’m not really sure if I’m focusing more on my paper or Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. For those of you who are country fans and know who I’m talking about- I just went to their concert last Friday and I am almost certain that 3/4 of Walsh’s campus was there. One thing is for certain, Walsh has many country fans. Rock on, Cavaliers!

Until next time, Let’s Go Cavs!

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“Good grades, enough sleep, a social life….you may pick two!”

I feel that it is necessary that I re-introduce myself as I have been missing as a Walsh blogger for awhile. My name is Eric Nevins and I just entered my fourth year at The Walsh University. You know what that means right? Indeed, it is almost over and I’m glad about it! I want to apologize to all of the readers for neglecting you all for the first three weeks of the semester, once again I had to learn to make adjustments and find balance in my life. It is important that we find some sort of balance in our lives or we will experience much stress and anxiety.

The other day while going through my timeline on Twitter I came across a tweet that read like this “Good grades, enough sleep, a social life….you can pick two!” At first glance I chuckled and continued down my “TL” but then that tweet got to messing with my psyche. As college students, is it really impossible for one to enjoy all three- good grades, enough sleep, and a social life? I begin to assess my own life and in my personal opinion one cannot have all three simultaneously.I tried searching for an idea with solutions to prove one could operate in all three yet, I was still defeated in my quest. Some how students end up choosing the two that are most important to them at the moment. You will find that the three will become important to different people at different times in their lives. So truthfully no one person can dictate to another which a person should choose.

What we as individual students should remember is to be balanced! Each of the three are vital to who we are as people. Some of us like to have a good time with friends but maintaining a certain GPA is also important as well so as a result we’ll have a lack of sleep. If you want you could even throw in the fact that many of us have jobs so our lack of sleep is increased at a greater level. It is important that we look at ourselves and find a balance so that we can remain healthy. If you don’t find that balance among the three- good study habits, enough sleep, and a healthy lesiure activity of your choice, then you put yourself in danger of being unhealthy. Being unhealthy is more than just a physical thing, if you deprive yourself of “fun” activities you will become stressed and overwhelmed. This is  tried and true, if one does not find that balance they will soon regret it because they will find themselves crushed under a rock of depression and filled with a heavy load of stress.

So I say to find your balance! Do what you have to do when you need to do it! Whether it be grades and fun or fun and sleep make the right decision at the right times. Upon doing that you will find yourself  living a healthy and fulfilling life!

Be blessed, see ya soon!

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A Drumroll Please . . .

I guess an introduction is in order. Hi, my name is Olivia. I am an English major in my last semester here at Walsh. As an English major, I like to keep things concise, so hopefully getting through my blogs won’t be too excruciating.

Let me first start off by explaining a little more about myself. First and foremost, no, I do not want to be a teacher. People hear “English major” and they automatically assume that I want to teach. Teaching isn’t a bad thing; I just know that I don’t have the patience for it.

I want to go into advertising. To do this, I have minors in marketing, communications, psychology, and creative writing (if you want to know how that all fits into advertising ask me later and I will explain). I have also had three internships doing graphic design, and one in sales. My dream job would be to work in the marketing department for a nonprofit organization where I could use a wider variety of my skills and not have to be as specialized as I would in an Advertising agency.

I grew up in a small town. Technically, it was a village. I attended Sandy Valley High School, where my graduating class was 127. I knew everyone in my grade, and pretty much everyone in my high school. I played softball and basketball, as well as played the clarinet, was on the speech team and FCCLA. Basically, I was a major nerd.

If you haven’t noticed already, my interests are quite eclectic. It is my firm belief that we only have one life here on earth, so we might as well do everything we want to do before our time is up.

In my first four years at Walsh I did a little bit of everything. I was in American Marketing Association, Residence Hall Association, Campus Ministry, Student Government, University Programming Board, The Lamp (yearbook), Intramurals; you name it I was probably in it. And, if I wasn’t then I knew someone that was.

I hate to brag, but I was, and still like to think that I am pretty well connected.

I like to keep myself busy, so I would also work a lot; I’ve worked at the cavalier café, the bucket, catering on campus, the reception desk, tutoring, as the marketing intern for the Office of Student Activities and the University’s marketing department, a phone-a-thon caller, and probably one or two other things that I forgot.

My point is, if you have a question about really anything, let me know in the comment box, and I will try to answer it for you.

Throughout this new blog journey of mine, I hope to impart a few words of wisdom gained from my own experience, as well as answer some of the same questions that I had once. But, I also hope to share my new experiences and learn with you through your advice and comments.

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The fact that I could find even a free minute to write this blog is a miracle in itself. With graduation comes many responsibilities and cramming before the year is done. Every student has a lot to accomplish, it just seems as if you have much more to do when you’re a senior. Sleep has become something that I can only dream of.

I hope everyone’s year is going well. Just keep in mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the last week of class and then finals are the last hurdle to scale. Its easy to slack off and think as if the final week of school doesn’t matter but I encourage students to act proactively to make finals week much easier.

This week marks the final week that I preside as President of the Walsh University Student Government. This comes with mixed emotions. I am happy to have made life at least a little better for students. But I will be sad to go. Being an active part of the WUSG is very time intensive and not for those who are not dedicated. Over this past year I have put in countless hours, as well as my executive board, to facilitate a successful student government. This Thursday I will be passing the torch to my successor who I know will do a great job extending the legacy that is the WUSG. It is difficult to not get nostalgic or emotional when thinking about this year. All I can say is that the next 12 days will be some of the toughest I will endure in many ways. But the end is near and the next chapter in my life is about to unfold.

Good luck this week Cavs and keep working hard!


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Who said the end would be easy?

Hello Cavs!

And a special hello to all of the graduating seniors this year, I know what you are going through. The end of the academic year is always crazy for students, but it is especially so for seniors.

Who said the end would be easy? Most of my older friends, when they reached this point, had told me that their senior year was a piece of cake and that they had the time of their lives. Well, I am not quite sure how those individuals managed to have an easy senior year because this has been the busiest year of my career at Walsh. Of course I am sure it depends on how one applies one’s self.

This entire year I have been working full time, class full time, and trying to run a student government. I never imagined at the beginning how difficult it would be to juggle so many tasks and responsibilities, especially while trying to enjoy my last year in college. While I don’t recommend working so much and having so much time devoted to so many different things, I certainly learned how to manage time and how to make the best of what little time I had. Don’t get me wrong, I love my coursework, the student government, and my job (most days), but these are all tasks that require much devotion. But in some cases I had to take on these responsibilities and others I was glad to.

I am certainly excited to graduate and start the next chapter in my life, I will also miss Walsh very much. It still seems somewhat surreal. I feel as if it was only yesterday that I was a freshman about to finish my first year. My how time flies!

Time to get back to work and finish the year strong!

Until next time, GO CAVS!!

Rob Pecl

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Busy Weekend

Hey Cavs!

What a busy weekend! It is Tuesday and I still feel drained. This weekend marked the 37th annual Philosophy Symposium at Walsh University. This years subject was Beauty: Subjective Experience, Objective Reality. It was a riveting lecture and arts performance. We had the chance to view a few art pieces from a local artist/adjunct professor, hear music from a local legend (Kevin DiSimone), and hear dramatic readings from a professor. The lecture was begun by the keynote speaker, Thomas Hibbs, Ph.D., who is the Dean of the Honors college at Baylor University. There were other speakers who also talked about beauty and what a true aesthetic experience is. The symposium was very interesting and allowed for the students to use what we have been learning in lecture.

After the symposium Saturday morning, the first annual Mother Appreciation Day event was held by the Walsh University Student Government. What a successful event! Last year the WUSG held the first annual Father Appreciation Day event so naturally this year we implemented an event for the mothers. We could not have asked for a better turn out. Overall, 159 attended throughout the event. The MAD commission did a great job planning and implementing this event. I certainly hope this event can be established for years to come!

Then, on Sunday, the annual Dean’s List ceremony and Servant-Leadership Banquet was held. This is a great even directed by the provosts office and student affairs where students are honored for both academic achievements and service achievements throughout the year. Many members of the WUSG executive board received recognition for their hard work. It is a nice event to attend, especially because students get the recognition they deserve, but also because it reinforces the important moral value of service to others. This is a large area of focus for Walsh University. I am proud of all of the students who participate in service to others on and off of campus.

Even after a busy weekend, it is time to get back to the grindstone. The semester is rapidly moving to a close and graduation is looming. I am very excited to graduate and move to the next chapter in my life. My future seems somewhat unsure at this point, but whatever endeavors I decide to pursue, I know I will be prepared. It is a very exciting time for all those who plan to graduate!

Until next time, GO CAVS!!

Rob Pecl

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Wake Up Call

So it’s official; my time as a student blogger is coming to end. An email was sent out today recruiting new bloggers for the website and to be honest, that email hit home a little. In one month, my reign as a Walsh blogger will cease to exist and all my past work will only be a memory, locked up in the archives of the cyber world. Ok, so maybe that was a little dramatic, but it was necessary. It’s semi-heart breaking to know that my Walsh life is winding down and it’s almost time for me to call myself an alumna. Maybe I should just continue to blog about my life, pretend it’s for Walsh and just save it in my word documents. Going cold turkey on blogging might not be the best idea. Baby steps, baby steps.
Since my last post, a lot of changes have been happening. I have moved up in student teaching, from the youngster to the tiny teens, and am now teaching at Oakwood Middle School. Needless to say, middle school students and elementary school students are night and day. It was like I was starting from square one and I had no idea where to begin. On my first day at the middle school, my cooperating teacher asked me if I had any new game ideas and all I could think of was Monsters Inc. Tag, Balloon Bash, and Noodle Hockey. Clearly, I was in elementary mode and it took me a couple of weeks to adjust to the middle school way of life.
For some on-campus updates, track has moved outdoors and with the unnaturally warm weather, campus has been booming. As cliché as it seems, there actually were students playing Frisbee on the grassy knoll. It’s moments like that when you feel like a real college student. I started my campus job of calling alumni asking for their support to the Annual Walsh Fund. It’s definitely a rewarding job that builds character.
Well, this week is my spring break from student teaching. It’s 11:45pm and I feel like it’s 2am. I have been going to bed so early because of teaching that my body is programmed to shut down around 10:30pm. It’s almost 12am and I’m still up. Living on the edge, I tell ya! I better wrap this up before things get too wild.

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