Hometown: Delaware, OH
Class of 2016

My 21st Birthday

Yes, today is actually my birthday and I turn 21. I am super excited about it, but not for the reason most people would think. The reason for my excitement is that I have made it to the age of 21 without ever drinking alcohol.

I have been a participant, student leader, and adult leader through my time in an organization called Teen Institute. We are a prevention agency focused on showing high schoolers that it is cool to not drink or do drugs and that you can still have a great time. I am now on the board of this nonprofit and have truly made their mission my own.

This is by far the greatest accomplishment of my young life, even though I’ve done some pretty cool things like score a goal in a collegiate soccer game, study food systems in Tanzania, and tour the islands of Greece. Not drinking until the age of 21 will be an accomplishment I cherish for a lifetime.

While I do throw alcohol under the bus a bit above, it can be a good thing as well! I have always planned to drink in moderation when I reached the age of 21 and actually had my first alcoholic beverage ever, a red wine, at 12:00am. To be honest, it was pretty dry and a little too strong.

Teen Institute has been a blessing for me as I was able to find a place to establish my values surrounded by like minded individuals. The friends and experiences I have made through the organization are countless and I have loved every minute of it. If you get the chance, join TI, you won’t be sorry.

College isn’t all about partying and going out. It’s about solidifying your future, meeting some awesome people, and making memories that you will someday tell your children.

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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The Mr. Walsh Competition

Our campus just held one of our most popular events, the Mr. Walsh Competition. This is a male pageant where guys perform a variety of events and are scored by judges. The highest scorer wins the crown and title of Mr. Walsh.

There are a number of different categories. The show starts with the introduction of the judges followed by an opening video. I actually made that video this year! It was a spinoff of the MTV series Cribs; each contestant showed off their “crib” in any way they preferred.

The actual performance starts with the guys coming onstage for a choreographed dance. That is always one of the best parts of the show. The announcers come on and kick off the talent portion of the show. That is where each contestant chooses a “talent” they have and perform it on stage. There are always some pretty comical presentations.

The announcers always keep the audience entertained between each segment. I was the announcer last year and had such a great time! My cohost and I ordered pizza for some of the audience and even took a huge selfie.

The next portion of the show is the spirit wear event. The guys dress up in their best Walsh University spirit attire and model it for everyone. That is followed by the formal wear event where the men get all dressed up and model their suits. While dressed all fancy, they are asked a question that the judges score based on their response.

Then comes the conclusion and the crowning of the next Mr. Walsh! I was actually a contestant my freshman year and had a splendid time. I did not get crowned winner, but made some great memories. If you ever get the chance, absolutely go out to be the next Mr. Walsh.

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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The Men of 9D

I live in Stein Apartment with four other guys. We all knew we wanted to move in together last year and luckily there was an empty apartment. The only issue was that is was a girl’s room the prior year so we find long hair everywhere! No matter how many cycles of laundry we do, there is always some amount of hair on our clean clothes. It is not a big deal, especially because our apartment is so nice! If you were looking for upper class housing, I would absolutely recommend Stein.

I tell you this because I want to share the awesome, but interesting group of guys I call my roommates. I am a business major really into politics and sports, plus really active with Student Government. My best friend since freshman year is a science major with a highly logistical thought process. One of my honors friends, who is a theology and philosophy major, is like the uncle of the group; he is always up for fun, but always makes sure we are productive. You can imagine how well this theologian/philosopher and scientist get along.

Another roommate is a passionate Catholic. He is the father of our diverse group, always making sure morality is a focus and that we are making appropriate choices. The final gentleman is a computer science major who deeply understands operating systems and programming. He is the one that provides us with random foreign music and witty comments.

So we have a business/government-focused guy who loves to talk about policies and Supreme Court rulings, a scientist who always spouts out random facts and thinks logically, a theologian/philosopher who is critical and is always up for a debate, a devout Catholic who is the moral compass for the room, and a computer programmer who loves international music. I am sure you can imagine the interesting conversations we have, especially with my random mind.

I tell you all of this to demonstrate how the most diverse group of people can get along and be the best of friends! We all love to sit around our common room and talk about current events and life. We also go out to eat and bowl every other week. While we all have our own interests and thought process, we all grow closer everyday and have become best friends. Actually, as I am writing this, all of my roommates are chatting around me in the common room.

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Gasping for Air

It is finally Spring Break 2015! Honestly, for me, it could not have come at a better time. This semester has gone by quickly, but it has been a lot of work. It seems like the business 360 classes are filled with so much work. Sure, it makes for a better understanding, but I am glad to get a break.

The bummer is that during such busy semesters it is difficult for us to take some personal time to focus on ourselves. Personally, I find it challenging to balance schoolwork, sports, extracurricular activities, and everything in between, let alone have some quality alone time. This is a common theme throughout our society; work life and personal life are combined. Personal phones are now used for work purposes. This is a good thing on the side of productivity, as efficiency levels continue to increase, but family lives are faltering. This is an extreme example when it comes to college, but it really gets the point across. LEAVE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR FRIENDS!

It is important to focus some energy on mediation and strengthening relationships. You can easily get burnt out if you do not take time to stop and observe life. I cannot believe I am already a junior in college. I can still remember chilling in my freshman room and watching the Walking Dead, time flies. I wish I had stopped to smell the flowers and reflect on who I was becoming. Don’t get me wrong, I love the man I am developing into because of Walsh, I just wish I could have slowed everything down to fully enjoy it all. Take my advice, keep on engaging in the full college experience, but also take time to relax. Spend a day in meditation and think about all of the great things you have taken part in at Walsh.

Make sure to keep your relationships intact as well. To be happiest, relationships need to be maintained and utilized to their fullest extent. Tell you family you love them and plan a family game night (my personal favorite bonding activity). Your parents and siblings miss you so spend some time with them. Also, hang out with those friends you haven’t seen in a while. Friendship is one of the golden possessions in this life so enjoy it and have a great time! There is nothing better than chilling with your favorite people and just being yourself.

Have a wonderful Spring Break 2015! Take time to relax and focus on yourself, while bonding with family and friends. For all of you on vacations in some foreign land, have a blast! Don’t forget, have a phenomenal week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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A College Sport

Playing soccer in college was one of the best experiences I could have asked for. Participating in the sport I love, with some great guys, a smart coach, at a beautiful university was the perfect scenario. The recruitment process was also like a dream. Every young athlete imagines signing a contract to play their favorite sport in college or in the pros. Signing my letter of intent with my family standing close by may have been one of the best moments of my life so far.
While it is amazing playing a sport in college, it is like a full time job. Between classes, homework, sleeping, a social life, and relaxation time, participating in a sport can be overwhelming if you do not plan appropriately. Time management is a key skill that must be utilized to have a successful college and sport experience. Thankfully, Walsh’s Counseling Service Office is here to help! They have programs that help you learn effective time management and scheduling skills to help you succeed on the college level. The coaches and advisors are also great resources when it comes to adjusting to college life. They understand that an education should be the first goal and are willing to let you miss a practice if you need to study for a large exam. It is awesome to see how everyone at Walsh works together to help the students succeed.

I would not trade my time playing soccer at Walsh for anything. It resulted in so many memories that I will cherish forever and eventually tell my kids. If you are thinking about being a college athlete, meet with the coach of your respective sport! They will tell you how it is and help you get to where you want to be. Also, ask current college athletes to tell you about their experiences. It will truly help you make and educated decision on where your interests lie. Good luck!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Your Favorite Apple

Presidents Day Break is a wonderful occasion. It seems to come out of nowhere, but couldn’t occur at a better time. It is about the middle of the semester already and exams are happening, projects are taking full swing, and the temperatures are in the negatives; the absolute perfect time for a break.

This holiday actually brings back memories of my childhood. In fourth grade, the Friday before break, our class had to give our President Report that we had been working on for a while. I had Woodrow Wilson and the best part was we had to dress up to look like them! I like to think I was the splitting image of the 28th President of the United States. Whatever the case, I had my facts all memorized and was ready to present! The cool part was we walked around the entire school giving our presidential presentations to each class. That was one of my favorite school presentations to this day. Our teacher Mrs. Vonlemdon always made the most creative assignments. She has been on of my favorite teachers of all time!

What makes a teacher “the one”? That one professor that you will always remember and tell your kids about when they start middle school. Is it the neat assignments they craft up? What about the interactive learning techniques they incorporate into class? Perhaps they just get you. There are so many reasons to pick you favorite teacher, but whatever the reason, make it count.

You can make the relationship count by utilizing them as an advisor, asking them for advice, even staying in contact with them in later years. I am still in contact from many of my instructors from middle school and high school! We chat once in a while and they are genuinely interested about the crazy stuff you are doing in college. Retaining their expert knowledge for questioning and debate is a blessing. Plus, it is always good to reminisce on the glory days.

When you realize what teacher made you love learning, get a hold of them and thank them for being great!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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The “Real World” Waits for No One!

Life goes by so quickly, especially in college. Before you know it, we will be graduated and working in the “real world”. My problem is I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up! However, that will not stop me from taking the opportunities necessary to figure it out.

This past weekend, I went to a career fair in Columbus with a few friends. It was a bit of a drive, but absolutely worth it. I am interested in so many fields of study that it is difficult to narrow down my interests to a single career. Being able to walk around and chat with the plethora of professionals present helped to open my eyes. There were financial institutions, marketing firms, insurance agencies, non-profit organizations, agriculture businesses, governmental agencies, and even Timkin was present!

No matter what age you are, I would recommend you go to all of the career fairs possible. I started attending them my sophomore year and have gained some great contacts. It is never too early to check out options and network! Our Career Center is always up to date on the latest career fairs so just stop in and find out about the next one; we even have one every year at Walsh! Keep your eyes open for signs and emails with dates.

College moves fast and when senior year swings around, you will want to have a job lined up before graduation. The “real world” waits for no one so start looking for your career interests today!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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The Discover Freshman Retreat

I just returned to Walsh from Camp Aldersgate! As soon as I got in my room, I attempted to type this blog, but I fell asleep on the couch. This weekend was full of memories, games, friends, no sleep, and discovery. To be honest, last night many of us only got about four hours of sleep, but it was totally worth it!

Camp Aldersgate is the location for the Freshman Retreat called Discover. It focuses on discovery of self and building healthy relationships with peers. Many of my good friends and I were the student facilitators for this wonderful experience! I do not want to give away all of the secrets and wonders of this retreat, but I will share my freshman occasion with you.

I did attend Discover my freshman year (it is actually a necessary factor when applying to be a part of the staff). It was absolutely one of my favorite college memories of all time! I met so many amazing people that are some of my best friends to this day (one is actually my roommate)! I learned so much about who I am and who I want to be. Plus, I was able to hear some inspirational stories from others that continue to guide me when I need encouragement. There are multiple games and activities that help build relationships and reflect on the journey of life.

The Discover Retreat is a great way to start off the second semester of college! It is for every freshman that has the desire to attend. I loved my experience so much that I have been back every year. If you have the chance to attend next year, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Have a great week, stay safe, pray for a snow day, and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Trying new things can be difficult, especially when you have super daring friends and family. Many of my best friends like to ride dirt bikes, sky dive (yes seriously), cliff jump, rock climb, etc. Over the years I have been forced to try a few of these activities (I always say “no way” to sky diving). It was difficult at first as I was afraid, but junior year of high school helped to open my eyes.

I attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference (HOBY for short) one summer and learned a valuable lesson. A major theme of the conference was to “get out of your comfort zone” and try new things. I don’t know if it was just the right time in my life or what, but that message really hit home. I have never forgotten it and try to live by it everyday. It has actually benefited me many times throughout life.

Aside from now owning a dirt bike, having some awesome cliff diving pictures, and traveling to Greece, there is one pure instance of when I just threw my comfort zone out the window and tried something new. It was the beginning of my junior year in college. I was in ResLife and we were having a diversity training session. I was an active participant, contributing verbally to the discussions. The presenter came to speak with me after about my background and said he would love to have me be an actor in a few of his other sessions. I was hesitant, but told him to let me know more details when he got them. A couple weeks later I was part of a presentation to Walsh’s faculty and staff (a nerve-racking affair when our President is sitting front row). Now, I am scheduled to act in a diversity presentation to a school board in Cleveland (and get paid a pretty penny).

That story shows how you can step out of your comfort zone and do anything (acting, sky diving, public speaking, singing). Whatever you want to accomplish, throw your comfort zone out the window and go for it. Who knows? Maybe you will become the next American Idol.

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Walsh Wellness

Physical wellness is an extremely important aspect of life as a college student. It is imperative that you take care of your body, especially in these winter months. It is flu season, but keeping your body physically fit will keep those viruses away!

Thankfully, Walsh University has an amazing Wellness program that not only boosts your physical wellness, but you mental and spiritual wellness as well! Our Wellness program offers a variety of different events to keep you in shape such as Zumba, Strength Training, and Yoga!

There are specific times for each exercise “class” that can be found in MyWalsh. You just log in, click on ‘My Walsh Life’, click on ‘Wellness’ from the drop down menu, and you have all of the Walsh University Wellness information your heart desires!

On this beautiful page you will find the main events that are going on around campus such as the Lift-A-Thon, Wellness Fair, and Ballroom Dancing Classes! You will also see different programs you can sign up for, the hours for our fitness centers, various wellness topics, resources, and so much more! These are all wonderful benefits of being a student at Walsh, but the best part is that they are all free! There is nothing better than free yoga!

Make sure you check out all of the Wellness programs! If you enjoy it, think about joining the Student Wellness Organization to help them plan sweet events! If you ever have any questions about Wellness, contact Megan Allen ( She would love to chat about anything health related and her office is right in the basement of David!

Have a great week, stay healthy, and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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