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Pick Up an Umbrella

The weather has been so pleasant these past couple of days….for a frog. It has been raining on and off for the past two weeks and seems like it will continue up until the snow comes (which, unfortunately, will be soon). Perhaps, an umbrella would be a smart investment.

Amazon has some pretty cool and inexpensive options. If you want to keep it simple, they offer single-person black umbrellas for only $5! There are larger, two-person umbrellas for $15. If you want to spice it up a little, there are multiple color, pattern, and image choices. There are even umbrellas that go down over your body! And guys, there is nothing more cordial than offering your umbrella to a girl caught in the rain.

Enough about umbrellas.

This dreary weather can get a person down. Make sure you stay on top of your emotions and your schoolwork. Take time to do things that make you happy, like reading for pleasure or going on a run. It is important to be able to balance school with personal life.

If you are ever feeling down and need someone to talk to, our Counseling Services is a great place to visit. I have a few sessions and the counselors are wonderful people that really want to get to know and help you. You can always just go in for one meeting and test the waters; they encourage it. I would absolutely recommend it in any scenario, even if you are simply overwhelmed with stress.

Keep you head up, have fun, study hard, and buy an umbrella.

Have a great week and stay classy!

– Andrew Chwalik

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Seeking Service

Giving to others is something that our parents have attempted to instill in us while growing up. In some cases, it takes us a while to understand that. Some people get it right away and make it their career by starting a non-profit, joining the military, or even becoming a nurse!

It is not coincidence that Walsh has so many nursing majors! Sure we have a great program that attracts students from all over, but it is more than that. The values and mission that our campus was founded on entices all those who care for others.

Walsh is a location that breeds servant leaders that care for others. It is plainly stated in our mission statement, “educating its students to become leaders in service to others through a values-based education with an international perspective in the Judeo-Christian tradition.”

The beautiful thing is that our students really embrace this service-oriented culture. All of our students complete some type of service before graduation through our service learning classes. Every club/organization in Student Government complete a service project every semester. On top of all that, our Office of Service Learning provides amazing service opportunities for all of our students in the form of programs, events, ideas, and even the option to create your own service event!

You have to love Walsh and our focus on service!

Stay classy and have a great week!

– Andrew Chwalik

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Preparing for Fall Break

Fall Break is upon us, which is wonderful! We all need a break from the papers, presentations, exams, and stress that all come from school. It will be an amazing few days away from campus; a good time to recharge the battery. However, to really enjoy the break, there are a few steps you should take.

1) Get through this week!

For some reason it seems like professors want to get as much work in as they can before break. I don’t know about you, but I have two exams and two projects to complete before Friday. On top of that, I will have to type a 15-17 page paper and study for two exams the next week! Make sure you get everything you need to complete before break done. Buckle down and dish it out!

2) Pack everything you will need over break!

As I mentioned above, I have a bunch of things due after break. I am going to have to make sure to pack all of the study material, books, and papers I need to complete those things over break. It is a bummer, but breaks are typically a time to get caught up on work. Make a list of all the resources you will need to take home with you so you don’t forget anything, especially if you live two hours away!

3) Work ahead this week!

No one wants to type a paper or study over a break. If you have time, work ahead to get that project or presentation finished so you will not have to worry about it during your time off. You will have such less stress if you can get those class projects completed early and just hangout with you friends and family during our mini vacation.

Simply put, finish this week strong. Knock out those papers and ace those exams. Make sure you have all the things you need to take home over break. You really do not want to forget your cell phone charger or laptop when you live two hours away. Lastly, dish out as much homework as you can during the week so you have less to worry about during your break.

Have a great week and break!

– Andrew Chwalik

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The Walsh Family

Choosing a college is one of the most difficult decisions a person will face in one’s life. There are basically an unlimited amount of schools to choose from, with the entire world supplying various universities. Some institutions focus on specific programs like biology or business, while others stress a well-rounded Liberal Arts education. If you happen to know what you want to do with the rest of your life, there are some career schools that train you how to be a horse trainer or musician right from the start.

People choose a specific school for various reasons: size, programs, prestige, reputation, family, location, or money. The reasons are limitless and can be a mash up of multiple different motives. No choice is wrong; every person likes different things about education. But, why did you choose Walsh? What is your story? How did you end up here? Reflect on those questions and you will really begin to understand how amazing Walsh University is.

Walsh is an interesting school. It is small enough so you can get to know many people, but it is just big enough so you will see a new person every day. We also have the ability to get to know our professors on a personal level. They know our names, learning habits, and even our interests. That is what makes Walsh so perfect. We are a family. We all genuinely care about one another, even if we do not know every single member. Our students are untied by the Walsh identity of service, love, and education. When a difficult situation occurs, we all rally to support one another. In a community like that, we will never fall. When there is constantly someone there to help you to your feet, success is the only option. Here at Walsh, we all live by that mindset whether we directly comprehend it or not. It is a beautiful thing; having a loving community of peers that want what is best and support you whenever you many need it.

Have a great weekend and Hail Walsh!

Andrew Chwalik

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Lead By Example

Leadership is a word we hear a lot in college. We are always told to be leaders. That is a rather vague statement. Leaders of what? Who are we supposed to lead?

Leadership is a difficult term to define. Well, we are told to be servant-leaders in our Walsh University mission statement, but what does that mean? How many more types of leadership are there?

The Google dictionary’s definition of leadership:

The action on leading a group of people or an organization

The state or position of being a leader

The leaders of an organization, country, etc.

When I read the middle phrase I literally laughed out loud. They are defining ‘leadership’ as being a leader.’ That is extremely helpful, thank you Google.

Here is how I define leadership (summarized):

You are all leaders by being on this campus and living out your personal values. No matter what you do, you are a leader because you lead by example. No matter who you are, you have someone looking up to you. It could be a sibling, a friend, a child, even your parents. The decisions you make should be ones of integrity because someone is always watching.

That is one aspect of servant leadership; leading by example. The other aspect is to serve. Be someone who serves others and help them grow. That is how a true leader acts. Leadership can be defined as one’s being.

“Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to act.” – Francis Hesselbein

Leadership is about who you are. It is how you express your values to the world. Understand yourself before you attempt to influence others’ decisions. Be the light others need to see to advance.

Everyone has his or her own view of leadership. Just remember to always lead by example and serve. That is the best definition and advice I can offer.

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Becoming a Resident Assistant

Last year, I went through the process of becoming a Resident Assistant, RA for short. It is a lengthy period filled with interviews, group assignments, and more even interviews. ResLife makes sure they know you well when making selections. Before I go on with this story, in the spring semester, RA tryouts will happen again! Think about signing up if you enjoy leadership and helping others. In the end, I was selected as an RA Alternate.

I was a little disheartened to be honest because, of course, I had high exepectations for myself. However, being an Alternate was a blessing in disguise.

I love being active on campus; it actually gets to be a problem. Last year, I was graciously elected as the Student Body President. I am also a Blouin Scholor. These are two activities that require an assortment of extra projects. Being an Alternate RA gave me the ability to focus on my WUSG duties, school work, and Blouin projects. Thankfully, I get to learn the RA position at a slower pace, which better prepares me for when I have a floor of residents.

Being a part of ResLife has been wonderful. I have met some of the coolest people and rekindled some old friendships. I have learned an enormous amount on the topic of servant-leadership. They really give you the tools to better yourself; all you have to do learn how to use them.

My goal in telling you all of this is to simply give you an insight to the Resident Assistant position and the journey to becoming one. If you are thinking about applying, go for it! No matter what, the process is great practice for career interviews!

Tip of the Week

Get your resume ready! There are multiple situations in college where you will need to present a resume; scholarships, applying to programs, job interviews, and RA interviews. It is good practice to have an updated resume ready to print at all times. Also, make it look good! Use an attractive format and have some fun with it. People will appreciate you putting in effort on your resume!

Have agreat week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Timing is Everything

Some people are early birds; waking up before even the sun does. Others prefer to sleep in; waking up just in time for lunch. Still some choose the average rising period; waking up at 9:00am (the cusp of either waking up early or late). Of course there are those people that are like superman and can wake up anytime without effort!

It is important to realize what type of morning person you are before deciding on classes. You do not get a choice when waking up for high school; the early mornings are set in stone. In college, you get a choice (unless you are a nursing major or entering into your first semester of freshman year)!

Morning classes at Walsh range from, typically, 8:00am to 11:30am. Nursing majors unfortunately have clinical sometimes as early as 6:00am! If you are a major other than nursing, you can pick your times. You can wake up early to get your classes out of the way so that your evenings can be enjoyed. You can have most of your classes in the late morning/early afternoon so you can sleep in (that is what I prefer). If you want to be free during the day, there are a variety of night classes offered. Beware; night classes are scheduled for three-hour time increments because they are only once a week.

Any of these schedule types are acceptable. Just make sure you know what you want before scheduling because it can be difficult to change once the semester has begun.

Tip of the Week

Love to keep a schedule of all your events? Use your smart phone! Your calendar application has so many great features! Put you classes on you calendar, it will keep you more organized because events can be scheduled between and during your classes. A great feature is the “repeating event.” We know classes happen every week; you can schedule an event to repeat every week. It is helpful for classes and meetings that occur weekly or biweekly. You can also put in a location and your calendar can quickly get you directions! That really helps with off-campus job interviews.

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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How to Succeed this Semester

College can be overwhelming. Between the homework, research, essays, projects and exams, it can be difficult to even find time to breath let alone have fun. However, if you want to get good grades AND have fun, there is a way to do it (and it is quite simple).

The answer to fun and good grades in college: ORGANIZATION

Such a simple idea. You hear, “Clean your room now, Katie!” or “Do the laundry, John!” These are just requests to stay organized (the only thing is it typically takes a couple requests to finally perform the task). Your parents really know what they are talking about when it comes to organization, usually. They were teenagers once too! And hopefully, they hit that point; right around 23ish, where they realized the importance of organization. Now, they are trying to teach it to you.

How ORGANIZATION helps: By planning out schedules, making to-do lists and having every class material sorted, there will be much more room for activities! Instead of worrying what homework you had and when it was due, write it down in a planner or notebook! Then you can look back at it whenever necessary. Having all of your classes organized in that manner will provide for less stress and more free time!

Here is a list of things I use to help keep me organized during the year:

  • Sticky Notes (Making little reminders all around my room)
  • Manila Folders (I make folders for everything, even neatly designed brochures)
  • Binders (One per class)
  • Planner (Write down all assignments and meeting times)
  • To-Do Lists (Make a list for anything and everything)
  • Three Hole Punch (Many professors forget to do it for us)
  • Highlighters (Great way to remember the important things)
  • Notecards (Perfect for reviewing vocab)
  • Filing System (You get tons of papers during the year, keep them organized too)

Simply crossing off the assignments in your class syllabus will help keep you on track this semester. Stay organized because who doesn’t want more time for fun?

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Welcome Home!

Welcome back to Walsh, your home away from home! I hope your summer was full of fun, friends and family! Now begins the start of another story in your Walsh career. Whether this is the beginning or your final year, make sure to make it the best yet. With all of our Walsh family moved back it, we can really start to get back into the swing of things.

First, get to know your schedule. Find out where and when your classes are. Then, you can see when you are able to grab lunch. Make sure you have time for yourself to enjoy. Fill it with naps, club activities, and/or sports, anything that relieves stress. It is good to know where the gaps are in your schedule so you can make the most of your valuable time.

Once you know your schedule, start making time for Opening Week! There are so many great events going on that you will not want to miss. Monday night, there is a Commuter Cookout where everyone can attend. It is from 11am to 2pm. Mingle with the cool students who live close by campus. The event is held in/around the gazebo. Tuesday night, there is a movie on the Campus Lawn. It starts at 9:30pm. Who doesn’t love movies? Wednesday night, there will be a hypnotist in the Barrette Center at 9:30pm! If you want to be hypnotized or watch people be hypnotized, you have to be there. There are multiple events going on all week so check your emails regularly.

I wish you the best this semester. Study hard, but have fun! College should be the best years of your life. Enjoy it!

Go Cavs!

Stay classy.

Andrew Chwalik

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Get Linked In, Literally!

There is one social media website that all college students should have; LinkedIn. If you have not heard of this yet, look into it. It is a place where professionals can connect. Many great contacts can be made and established through this site. Plus, business professionals look on this site for potential job candidates! Especially if you are a senior/junior, sign up today (it’s free)!

I started using LinkedIn in high school. My father is a business professional so he encouraged me. Business is all about networking and who you know. Make sure you keep track of all those connections; LinkedIn is the place for that. You can “connect” with people, basically a friend request, place your resume online, even show off some of your projects/publications! This is the prime location to sell yourself for that dream career. Your profile can be edited any way you fancy. Show off that great Walsh University education, refer any job experience you have and list all of your honors/awards.

I am obsessed with two things in life; ties and social media. This website is the closest thing I can find that integrates both of those; professionalism and connections. I have connected with CEOs from different companies I have interviewed with, other college students and multiple business speakers. There is no limit to who you can connect with. Next time you attend a professional conference, snag a few business cards and add them on LinkedIn!

Tip of the Week

This is going to be old fashioned, but always carry a handkerchief. I always thought it was the weirdest thing when my father told me that. No one uses them anymore. I eventually gave them a chance when I found some in my stocking last Christmas. They are one of the most useful pocket-sized items around! Carrying tissues is lame; they are nasty if you need to use them consistently. Plus, if you leave them in your pocket when you wash your pants, they leave fuzz everywhere. Handkerchiefs can be used as many times as your nose feels necessary. Especially since its allergy season, stop by Kohl’s and pick up some fun patterned handkerchiefs today!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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