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Class of 2016

Welcome Home!

Welcome back to Walsh, your home away from home! I hope your summer was full of fun, friends and family! Now begins the start of another story in your Walsh career. Whether this is the beginning or your final year, make sure to make it the best yet. With all of our Walsh family moved back it, we can really start to get back into the swing of things.

First, get to know your schedule. Find out where and when your classes are. Then, you can see when you are able to grab lunch. Make sure you have time for yourself to enjoy. Fill it with naps, club activities, and/or sports, anything that relieves stress. It is good to know where the gaps are in your schedule so you can make the most of your valuable time.

Once you know your schedule, start making time for Opening Week! There are so many great events going on that you will not want to miss. Monday night, there is a Commuter Cookout where everyone can attend. It is from 11am to 2pm. Mingle with the cool students who live close by campus. The event is held in/around the gazebo. Tuesday night, there is a movie on the Campus Lawn. It starts at 9:30pm. Who doesn’t love movies? Wednesday night, there will be a hypnotist in the Barrette Center at 9:30pm! If you want to be hypnotized or watch people be hypnotized, you have to be there. There are multiple events going on all week so check your emails regularly.

I wish you the best this semester. Study hard, but have fun! College should be the best years of your life. Enjoy it!

Go Cavs!

Stay classy.

Andrew Chwalik

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Get Linked In, Literally!

There is one social media website that all college students should have; LinkedIn. If you have not heard of this yet, look into it. It is a place where professionals can connect. Many great contacts can be made and established through this site. Plus, business professionals look on this site for potential job candidates! Especially if you are a senior/junior, sign up today (it’s free)!

I started using LinkedIn in high school. My father is a business professional so he encouraged me. Business is all about networking and who you know. Make sure you keep track of all those connections; LinkedIn is the place for that. You can “connect” with people, basically a friend request, place your resume online, even show off some of your projects/publications! This is the prime location to sell yourself for that dream career. Your profile can be edited any way you fancy. Show off that great Walsh University education, refer any job experience you have and list all of your honors/awards.

I am obsessed with two things in life; ties and social media. This website is the closest thing I can find that integrates both of those; professionalism and connections. I have connected with CEOs from different companies I have interviewed with, other college students and multiple business speakers. There is no limit to who you can connect with. Next time you attend a professional conference, snag a few business cards and add them on LinkedIn!

Tip of the Week

This is going to be old fashioned, but always carry a handkerchief. I always thought it was the weirdest thing when my father told me that. No one uses them anymore. I eventually gave them a chance when I found some in my stocking last Christmas. They are one of the most useful pocket-sized items around! Carrying tissues is lame; they are nasty if you need to use them consistently. Plus, if you leave them in your pocket when you wash your pants, they leave fuzz everywhere. Handkerchiefs can be used as many times as your nose feels necessary. Especially since its allergy season, stop by Kohl’s and pick up some fun patterned handkerchiefs today!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Don’t Study Hard, Study Smart

There is a common misconception that you need to study hard to get good grades. I am here to tell you, that is not true. Don’t get me wrong, study is necessary, but it is important to do it smart.

Some people pull all-nighters. Others make notecards. Even others only read the textbook. There are a surplus of different studying techniques people use. It is best to mix and match and use multiple different types. Having notecards for definitions, reading the chapters in the textbook, and creating a study guide works wonders. Personally, those are the types of studying I prefer to blend together. While that is all fine and dandy, the only way to be effective is to study smart, not hard.

Make sure you are studying the appropriate material. It is never a good feeling to realize you were reading the wrong chapters when you see that first problem on the test. If it is open note or open book, make sure you don’t focus on memorizing specific data. It would be beneficial to bookmark the important pages and highlight what material is needed. If it is a math test, make sure you know if your professor will provide you with the necessary formulas. Hopefully you wont have to memorize them! Studying smart means you need to understand how to study. Do not just blindly stuff information into your brain, focus on actually retaining appropriate information.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to study habits. Try studying in a quiet place or while listening to classical music. You will be able to focus better without all of those distractions. Try rewriting your notes. It is much easier for your brain to retain information when it must read and write repetitively. That technique works wonders for me. Just remember, studying is important; make sure you are studying smart, not hard.

Tip of the Week

Get active with Student Government! We are currently in the middle of elections for next year. Student Government really does have a large influence at Walsh. They are basically the middle man from students to university. They push the student’s interests onto the desks of the faculty. When the Walsh community gathers together to support a cause, anything can be accomplished. It also helps to build strong leaders. There are many situations that you will be put in that will help spur personal growth. If you are looking to get active on campus, look into Student Government!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Gracin Nation

This last weekend was a crazy one! We had a huge concert on Friday and Spring Formal was on Saturday! It might have been one of the best weekends Walsh has ever had. There was so much to do and we have never had such a HUGE concert at Walsh before.

Josh Gracin was the artist. Honestly, I really did not know much about him before this weekend. All I knew was that he was a county artist and I am not a huge country fan. The concert was free for all Walsh students so of course I was going to go. Plus, I am on the University Programming Board so I did not have much of a choice.

The concert was amazing! I’ll talk about that in a little bit. First, I want to inform you that Josh is such a great guy. The board was able to meet him before the concert. He took pictures with us, let us ask him questions, and signed anything we wanted. He was humble and genuinely excited to perform.

The actual concert was sweet! The Alumni Arena was transformed into a concert venue with a huge stage, lights, and even mist! Josh played some great music. Toward the end of the concert, he left the stage as though it was over. He then started singing from behind the crowd and walked right through everyone. He hung out and sang right from the center of the huge crowd. It was awesome.

When Walsh has another concert like that, be sure not to miss it (even if your not a fan of the genre).

Tip of the Week

Stay updated on the events that are going on at Walsh! I have talked with some people that missed the concert and totally regretted it. Make sure you know what awesome things are going on during the week and especially the weekend. There are multiple events that occur on weekends that people miss. They are usually some of the best ones! All events are posted on MyWalsh. Continually check what is going on and make sure you attend as many as possible. You’re paying an arm and a leg for college. Why not make the most of it?

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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A Strong Finish

It’s been a great school year. We had a snow day, Josh Gracin is coming, it’s about time for warmer weather; everything is looking good. I know that it’s hard to get back into gear after Spring Break, but you have to. There is only about a month left of school! If you can just focus for those last couple weeks, it will make for a great summer. No one wants to go into break finding out they got a low grade in a class just because of slacking down the home stretch. Keep working!

There is one upside to this weather; it does not make you want to go outside. That means you can hangout inside and get some work done. It is a lot easier to finish your work when you don’t see people playing or sunbathing out on the campus lawn. This weather will help you focus. I know it’s still difficult to feel motivated with the cold, gloomy temperatures, but at least it leaves you something to look forward to! So while your at your desk writing that paper about the molecular analysis of a variant substance, remember, once you finish, you are home free to better weather and less stress!

One last thing, make sure you study for your finals. I know that is an obvious statement, but the weather will be changing for the better around finals week. Everyone will want to go outside and just enjoy the weather. Go ahead and do that, but make sure you are ready for your exams. You don’t want that bad feeling of a low grade to spoil your first week of summer. Study and then go out and have the best summer ever!

Tip of the Week

Recycle! I know it’s a simple thing, but it really makes a difference! Student government is starting to focus on making the benefits of recycling more know. Also, the plan is to make it easier to recycle. There should be recycle bins on every floor. As of right now, improvise. Our room grabbed two grey tubs and we just toss our paper and plastic products into them. We probably empty them once a month out back, in the recycling bins. It is not hard to recycle. Make that little extra effort. It will really make a huge difference.

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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The Week After

I hope you all had a fantastic spring break! Mine was relaxing, thanks for asking. I did not go to Florida. I did not travel. I did not even try to plan anything! All I did was hang out with friends, went snowboarding, and hung out in a hot tub. So much for a spring break, it was more like a winter break. I even did some homework as painful as that is to say. After that week off, it is time to start again.

For some reason, it feels like I am more tired after break than I am before! Many of my friends have been the same way. Hopefully, you are immune to the “week after” fatigue. That is where the week after a break, your body is tired and you have limited motivation. As long as you can get through this week, you will have no problem getting through the rest of the year (at least until finals week!). Get some rest. Take a few naps if you need to! Get your homework done early. Relax. The way you can get through this week is by taking it slow.

Seriously, this “week after” effect is a real thing. Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well, I am not really a doctor, but when I was young I used to pretend I was a doctor when we played house. That should be good enough. Just take this week slow. We are already half way through! Keep trucking through and get to the weekend. I have faith you will make it. Good luck.

Tip of the Week

Keep lists! Keeping lists will really help you stay organized and reduce stress. If you only keep one list, make it one about homework. Having that kind of list with all your assignments will be a blessing. You will have all of the work you need to get done in one place! Make sure you have the due dates with them also.

You can make a list for anything. I have lists for books I would like to read, songs to buy, tasks to accomplish, shopping list, and videos to make. Having all of those lists really help me stay ahead in school and in life. It is something so simple that can really help you out!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Enjoy That Brain Food!

No one likes studying. It is no fun. Having that pressure to learn the material because you will be tested on it soon. That is not a scenario that breeds intellectual attractiveness. That means that your brain is not happy about being forced to shove information in it. It is much more effective to feed your brain data that is pleasing.

There is a way to overcome this situation. You will have to study in college. I can guarantee you that. The trick is to ENJOY what you are studying. To some of you, that may come naturally. To others, it may be extremely difficult. You have to trick your brain into THINKING you like what you are studying. I know that is easier said than done, but if you want to make your college career painless, you will take this advice. Love learning! It is as simple as that! If you continually tell yourself, “Hey, I love to learn new things.”, studying will get much more pleasurable.

My dad always told me that I need to have ceaseless curiosity about everything. That is a great life philosophy. Having that curiosity makes you ask questions. Questions help lead to answers. If you are continually asking questions, you will be more likely to look in your notes, online, or even in textbooks for answers! Always searching for knowledge will lead to better studying habits! Do you want to retain more of that information you give your brain? Enjoy that brain food and your brain will thank you!

Tip of the Week

To go along with the topic of studying, I am going to list off some of my top studying places. This might be a risky move considering some are secretive, but who am I kidding? You readers are worth it!

1) Second Floor of the Library

There are multiple good locations to study on the second floor. There are a few group study tables and even some private desks hidden in the rows of books. Plus, it is always quiet!

2) The Fourth Floor of Betzler Towers

If you can get your way into Menard, the fourth floor is a great place to study. There are never many people there and a whiteboard is available! A useful object for any type of studying!

3) The Classrooms in Lemmon/Commons

There are three different classrooms in these two buildings. The all have huge whiteboards and projectors. Also, if people see you in a classroom, they will stay away!

4) The Chapel

Not many people think of this location as a place to study, but it is wonderful! It is a great place to sit and read. The basement level works well also. The best part is that it is always silent!

5) Any Classroom Works!

Almost every building on campus has a classroom. After classes are over, these rooms are a great place for a group study session. Not many people take advantage of all the empty classrooms after classes are out!

Have a great end of the week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Buying a Date

There is always something exciting and new going on at Walsh University. This past week was a busy one. We had sign ups (they are still going on) for the Mr. Walsh Competition. That is basically a pageant styled competition for the men of Walsh. They learn a choreographed dance, perform a talent, model some attire, and answer a few questions. It is just a fun event that gets everyone laughing. If you are interested in applying, talk to a UPB member. Make sure you check out the actual competition. It will be in March.

There was an American Marketing Association, one of the business clubs on campus, Bake Sale. Proceeds were donated to help establish the Sacred Heart school being built in Uganda. There was a crazy amount of baked goods. There were snicker-doodles, sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, puppy chow, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip, and more! The amazing part was that about $350 was made to help the Sacred Heart school. All of that money coming from a small bake sale.

One premier event that Walsh holds is the BSU Date Auction. It has been going on for only two years, but has had great success! Men and women volunteer themselves to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. That bidder wins a date with that man or women plus a gift card for the date. Some people actually go for over a $100! I did participate this year and had a wonderful time. A lovely young woman was the highest bidder and we had a nice date at Bravo. All of the money raised from the auction went to the students traveling to Uganda. As you can see, all of our clubs on campus really love to help out the community.

Here are the men that were auctioned off and my date!

No matter who you are, Walsh University has something for everyone! Whether it is a political club, event planning opportunities, or buying a date; there is something that will spark your interest.

Tip of the Week

Build and nourish relationships. I have realized something that will absolutely benefit all if taken into consideration. Life is full of relationships. There is no avoiding that. In your lifetime you will have at least 500,000 relationships, maybe without even knowing. There are obviously different types of relationships. There is friendship, romantic relationships, mentors, acquaintances, etc. No matter what kind of relationship it is, it can play a big part in your life. Cherish the conversations you have with all of these people. I think of life as a big puzzle. Every person I encounter in my life is another piece of that puzzle. You don’t want that piece to be dull and brown colored. You want it to be colorful and pleasing to the eye. Nourish and cherish those relationships, not matter how simple. You can learn so much from just sharing stories. In stead of plugging in the headphones on your two hour flight, talk to that person on your left that you have no idea who he or she is. Who knows, maybe that person could be a future employer!

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A Weekend of Discovery

Discover is the annual freshman retreat here at Walsh University. I participated my freshman year and just returned from being a team leader from this years retreat. It was such a wonderful weekend. It is not a retreat geared toward religion, but one focused on you. It is all about discovering yourself and what you stand for. The retreat is only for one weekend and we make sure you do not miss any classes.The weekend is full of numerous activities. I do not want to tell you too much, but I will give you a little insight. You need to experience it for yourself to totally understand it. The retreat really helps you get out of your comfort zone and make new friends. You meet people who you did not even know went to Walsh! There are also many different realization activities. I cannot stress to you how fun of a time it is. As a freshman, you really need to make sure you check it out.

Being a leader on the Discover Retreat gives you a whole new outlook. To be a leader for the weekend, you must have been a participant as a freshman. You also have to go through an application process that is exceedingly vigorous. You need to have great responses and a good track record to be selected as a leader. I saw many wonderful applicants turned away. The other difficult part is that there are limited spots available. If you did participate in the Discover retreat your freshman year, apply to be a leader!

As a freshman, it can be difficult to get acclimated on campus. It can also be scary coming to college not knowing anyone. Discover is a fantastic remedy for both of those issues. It helps you better understand yourself and your interests. It also opens many doors so you can get active on campus. If you still do not know many people, Discover is a great way to change that! If you get the opportunity, attend Discover. You will have a great time.Check out the video from this years retreat:

Tip of the Week

Discover relates well to the tip this week. Get out of your comfort zone and experience new things! I learned that lesson early in high school and following it has benefited me. You learn so many new things and receive many more opportunities. Practicing this tip is something great for college. Your are paying huge amounts of money to attend college; you might as well make the most it. Go out and join some on-campus organizations. Do some service projects. Get active in the community. By getting involved you will meet so many people. Who knows? Maybe one of those people will lead you to a potential dream job.

Have a great weekend and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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The Roommate

Having a roommate can be difficult. Especially if this is your first experience living with another person. It is always an interesting endeavor. There are not many roommate situations that work out 100% perfect. While they may not be exactly what you want, there is no escape; make the most of it! Usually, your roommate becomes one of your very best friends.

Let me tell you about my personal roommate experience from freshman year. I know I briefly talked about my roommate in a past blog, but here is the full story.

I did not know anyone coming into Walsh. Even at orientation, I did not find anyone I wanted as a roommate. I filled out the form for the random roommate selection process and answered the questionnaire.

The roommate I was paired with contacted me two weeks before the move in day. He seemed like a cool guy and he was. On the day we actually met, I was super excited. He was the opposite. He was extremely shy and reserved. I am sure I scared him a bit. After about one week, he started to get more comfortable. We started hanging out more and got to know each other.

About five weeks in, things started to get shaky. I was making new friends, going out, having fun. One day, I came back to the room and attempted to make conversation with my roomie. He flat out ignored me. I had no idea what was going on. In about four days, he was acting like nothing happened! I was so confused, but was happy he was done giving me the silent treatment. The only problem was that it turned into a reoccurring event. Almost every other week it seemed like I was being avoided and ignored.

My roommate and I lived like this for the entire first semester. It was extremely stressful on both of our sides. I avoided going to my room as much as possible. That only made him madder!

In the end, he ended up leaving Walsh. It was sad to see him go, but since then we have been civil and occasionally talk. Unfortunately, we could not work out our differences. That leads me right into my tip of the week.

Tip of the Week

Utilize the guidance of your Resident Assistants! They have been through and seen so many different situations. If you have a roommate issue, talk to your RA about it. They can be that bridge that helps you to have a difficult conversation with your roommate. They work as a mediator. I wish I had taken the time to meet with my RA about my roommate situation. I am sure we could have worked it out and ended up being better friends. Seriously, if you ever have a problem or an issue, talk with your RA. I guarantee that they will help you resolve the issue with minimal frustration.

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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