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Stay Active

Winter is a cold and dreary season. It can be difficult to get out and exercise, but it is something that really keeps spirits high during Christmas time. No one wants to go outside to run or shoot hoops, but there are many alternatives!

If you are staying on Walsh’s campus, you have the ability to go to the gym! Its like you have a paid membership to you own private workout facility because almost no one is on campus. If you are staying in Menard or one of the Towers, you do not even have to go outside to get to workout machines…lucky.

If you went home for the holidays, there are still multiple ways to stay active. Think about joining a local gym for the month! It is that time (New Years) that people start joining gyms because they make a resolution to be more fit in the New Year. That means these businesses create special discounts to draw more people. Many offer a free two-month option so work the system and try out a gym membership for a month at no cost. Once you head back to school, make sure to cancel it if you wont be in the area.

Another option is to workout with a friend; they provide great motivation and sometimes have workout equipment at home. I have a huge amount of workout machines at home because my dad was into it when we moved. Now, I have a few friends over to workout with me a couple times a week. It is free and comes with good company. We also like to go to indoor soccer open fields to get some cardio. Find an indoor facility that offers your favorite sport and call to see when they have open fields/courts.

If all else fails, you can always do some sit-ups or push-ups in your room. My uncle does 50 of each before he goes to bed. That seems a little intense for me, but if you want to stay active, create a small workout plan for yourself and stay honest to it.

Staying active relives stress, makes you feel good, and puts you in a better mood. Everyone can use those things during the holiday season. I hope Christmas and New Years treats you well. Stay safe, stay warm, and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Beginning of Nothing!

We are finally on break, after what seemed like a long, difficult semester. Now, when I look back, it actually flew by! I only have three semesters left before I graduate and go into the real world. Gosh…we can talk about that when the time comes. Lets just focus on how we get to do nothing, but relax over brake (for the most part, I know many of us have to work).

There will be no stresses of papers due, or needing to study for exams, or worrying if we have enough meal swipes left for the week. We get to sleep in until 11:00am, eat home cooked meals, and hangout with family and friends! Winter break is like a breath of fresh air after such an intense finals week.

While this is a time for relaxation, have some productive fun! Let me provide you with some examples through my plans for break. I have already began reading a book on my reading list, I have also gotten through the first season of How I Met Your Mother, I will be snowboarding with a group of buddies, there are a few scholarships I will be finning out, and taking a mini “vacation” with some friends.

These are all random items, but they all provide some unique type of satisfaction. Reading is something I enjoy and will make me feel more accomplished once I can start checking books off my list. Snowboarding and “vacationing” with friends will help me to build better bonds, relieve stress, and get me to meet some new people! Watching so many episodes of How I Met Your Mother really only provides me with some laughter and enjoyment, but maybe some good pick up lines from Barney! Filling out some scholarships will help me to feel more productive and hopefully result in some much needed money for school!

You can accomplish so much over break, even if it is only simple things such as recharging the battery, applying for scholarships, and making a dent into a new series you wanted to watch. This break is a time for you, for family, and for friends. Enjoy yourself and do what you enjoy! Make it legendary!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be safe in all the snow and make sure to get your textbooks for next semester. Have a good week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Take a Deep Breath

We are in the deep end of the “finals week” swimming pool and the edge seems to be just out of our reach. It is now the time that we need our second wind. That extra burst of energy and motivation to get us to the end of finals with our brains still functioning.

Take time to relax and release some of that energy. There are a bunch of small, random, simple things you can do to keep your head above water. First off, a local place is offering an hour-long massage for only $25! That is amazing!!! If you have never had a “professional” massage, I would highly recommend it. It relieves stress, plus it is healthy for your body. If you do go to get a massage, drink a bunch of water beforehand because you get dehydrated quickly!

A few other good ways to relieve stress include: exercising (running or lifting weight gets your mind off of the textbooks and puts you in a more focused mood), video gaming (if this is your go to, it is a great way to leave reality for a while and enjoy some friendly competition), reading (another great way to forget about the worries of today whether it’s romance, action, or a biography), cooking (my roommate loves to cook and it really helps him to relax), and/or praying (nothing is more soothing than God’s presence)!

Here are a few more…random ideas on how to relieve some stress: check out a local shooting range, scream into a pillow, go on a drive and blare some music, take a nap, do something creative, call up the parents to vent, go sopping! There are so many things you can do to relive the stress that comes with finals week. It all depends on your interests and what you like to do for fun! Try some different things out and who knows, maybe you will find a new hobby!

Good luck on all of your finals and remember, a deep breath is a simple action, but something that can get those last minute of jitters out before an exam!

Have a great week and stay classy!

Andrew Chwalik

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Warm Weather and Thankful Thursday

Look out the window, there is no snow! The white blanket that covered the earth about two days ago is totally gone! The past two days have been in the high 50s, instead of the low teens (a nice change of you ask me). It may be a little windy, but this may be the last time we get to see temperatures like these for quite some time so get out and enjoy them.

This is the perfect time for nice weather. Finals are coming up, all of the projects and presentations are due, stress levels are high, and we are about to head home to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families so the weather will be in our favor (as long as it stays this way). Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and celebration. No one should have to worry about scraping a car off or if they have enough layers on. It is a time for playing football with your uncles, for cooking with your family, and chowing down on the best home cooked food. After all of that, we get to sit down and enjoy some good American football!

Thanksgiving is full of great times, but do not forget to be thankful. This is a time to take a break from all of the work and stress to reflect on all of the blessings we have. No matter who you are, there is always something to be thankful for. One great thing we have is education. Walsh University offers us wonderful programs of higher learning, especially the sciences. Knowledge is the key to living a happy life, getting a good job, and simply bettering ourselves. Be thankful for the ability to continue your education wherever you are.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy your family, and try to do a little studying. Finals are next week!

Stay classy and hail to Walsh!

Andrew Chwalik

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Adjust the Wardrobe

As you can see, the outdoors has turned into a winter wonderland overnight! I don’t know about you, but I was not prepared for this blast of winter! Plus, we are going to get this level of snow before thanksgiving (gross), but we will probably not get any for Christmas. Typical.

With this amount of snow, comes a need for heavier clothing. Hopefully, you already traded out your spring/early fall wardrobe for your winter wardrobe. It looks like some people have not, as they are still walking around in shorts! Crazy! If you still need to grab your long johns, do it soon! Winter in North Canton waits for no one!

Having appropriate winter clothing is a must as temperatures begin to drop. If you are underdressed, it is easier for you to develop a cold, or worse! This is the time to make sure you are healthy as germs get spread much easier. On top of dressing warm, make sure you are constantly washing your hands. No one wants to be sick over Thanksgiving Break or during finals (or in general for that matter). Just make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep yourself healthy.

If you have not yet, go get your winter clothes from home. Maybe it’s time to get one of those new cool snowboard jackets?

Have a great week, stay classy, and stay warm.

– Andrew Chwalik

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Need A Confidence Booster? Grab A Tie!

We all can use an infusion of confidence every now and then. Between the presentations, speeches, and talking with the opposite gender, having the right amount of confidence is necessary! One way to do that is by dressing up!

Honestly, dressing up for certain situations really increases self-esteem. Say you are giving one of the many presentations you have to do for Walsh classes. You’ve gone over it enough times and you’ve made note cards, but there’s still something missing. You even have a legit PowerPoint presentation with moving graphics and the whole shebang, but you’re just not feeling it. On presentation day, wake up a little earlier, style your hair, and get dressed up business professional style. You will automatically feel more confident and ready to knock the presentation out of the water. You will win over your instructor, dominate the presentation, and maybe even impress that cute girl that sits a few seats down.

Dressing up is a nice little skill to have in your back pocket when you need that extra kick. It will also be helpful in your professional career. There will be many occasions where professional dress is required. The Career Center does multiple events during the year relating to appropriate attire for those types of occasions. Also, Spring Semester, they will be holding an etiquette dinner! Attendees will learn about the right way to dress, how to handle one’s self during a meal (even the specifics like where to place the napkin if a trip to the restroom is required), and overall professionalism. I know I will be there!

College is the time to learn about professional attire and try out new styles. Get your game on and suit up for your next presentation!

Have a great week and stay classy!

– Andrew Chwalik

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The Student Affect

There are many benefits to being in college; independence, knowledge, lasting friendship. While these are all great there are two things that being in college gets you; discounts and answers.

We all love to buy things, but unfortunately college leaves us broke. To save your wallet from vanishing into thin air, always ask for the college discount! “Do you offer a discount for college students? ” Ask that everywhere you go. Most stores and restaurants offer some type of discount for students. Even if they do not, sometimes they will give you a percentage off your bill because they know what it’s like to be in college. It never hurts to ask!

The second thing you get from school is answers. Investigation is a daily occurrence while in school so take advantage of your title as a student and do some primary research. If you want to know about how a business runs, call and ask for a tour. Tell them you are a student and you want to do a project on their company. You will never get rejected with this approach, unless it’s the CIA (trust me, I tried).

Businesses always love to help students and show how great their company really is. You’ll get the MVP treatment. This tactic is good if you are thinking about applying for an internship with this business. Go inside and peak behind the curtain before you make any decisions. Also, if you just want a few quick survey questions answered, this is the time to ask them. People in general will be more willing to answer questions for a student when it’s for a project or class.

Make sure you take advantage of your student title and use it to get those answers you want. It is a great tool for networking, class projects, and just wanting to know more! Get out there and announce that you are proud to be a college student!

Have a great week and Hail to Walsh!

– Andrew Chwalik

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Travel NOW!

Traveling to Tanzania and Bolivia was one of the greatest experiences of my life, other than my birth! I had those amazing opportunities because of Walsh University. The Blouin Global Scholars program was how I was able to travel to Tanzania, and for FREE! If you are a potential student, I absolutely recommend you at least apply for this program. You get to study a world issue, take specific classes that engage you on an international scale, and reside in a living-learning community with amazing people.

The Blouin Global Scholars actually get to take TWO free trips while studying at Walsh University (Tanzania and Italy). I am currently gearing up to travel to Rome to intern with Caritas, but that is a story for another time. If you are looking into Walsh, please check out the Blouin Program here:

My trip to Bolivia was equally as amazing as Tanzania! I met one of our wonderful international students during my sophomore year; she lives in Bolivia. She was joking around one day, telling me I should visit her over the summer. It was a running conversation all year and it eventually turned into one of the monumental occurrences of my life. Being able to experience and live in another culture opens up one’s eyes to new horizons. Through this trip, I was able to solidify my passion of helping others through my business-oriented mindset.

Travel now! College is the absolute best time to be a tourist. Most of the time, at least here at Walsh, when you pay to travel, it includes getting some course credit. Having a campus in Rome helps that cause. There are also smaller trips that go all around the world. If you want to go to a destination that Walsh does not regularly visit, think about creating the program! Despite that fact, our university will hook you up with the right program, if we cannot offer such a journey. Just make sure you take advantage of your flexible schedule and travel as much as possible!

Have a great week and stay classy!

– Andrew Chwalik

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Pick Up an Umbrella

The weather has been so pleasant these past couple of days….for a frog. It has been raining on and off for the past two weeks and seems like it will continue up until the snow comes (which, unfortunately, will be soon). Perhaps, an umbrella would be a smart investment.

Amazon has some pretty cool and inexpensive options. If you want to keep it simple, they offer single-person black umbrellas for only $5! There are larger, two-person umbrellas for $15. If you want to spice it up a little, there are multiple color, pattern, and image choices. There are even umbrellas that go down over your body! And guys, there is nothing more cordial than offering your umbrella to a girl caught in the rain.

Enough about umbrellas.

This dreary weather can get a person down. Make sure you stay on top of your emotions and your schoolwork. Take time to do things that make you happy, like reading for pleasure or going on a run. It is important to be able to balance school with personal life.

If you are ever feeling down and need someone to talk to, our Counseling Services is a great place to visit. I have a few sessions and the counselors are wonderful people that really want to get to know and help you. You can always just go in for one meeting and test the waters; they encourage it. I would absolutely recommend it in any scenario, even if you are simply overwhelmed with stress.

Keep you head up, have fun, study hard, and buy an umbrella.

Have a great week and stay classy!

– Andrew Chwalik

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Seeking Service

Giving to others is something that our parents have attempted to instill in us while growing up. In some cases, it takes us a while to understand that. Some people get it right away and make it their career by starting a non-profit, joining the military, or even becoming a nurse!

It is not coincidence that Walsh has so many nursing majors! Sure we have a great program that attracts students from all over, but it is more than that. The values and mission that our campus was founded on entices all those who care for others.

Walsh is a location that breeds servant leaders that care for others. It is plainly stated in our mission statement, “educating its students to become leaders in service to others through a values-based education with an international perspective in the Judeo-Christian tradition.”

The beautiful thing is that our students really embrace this service-oriented culture. All of our students complete some type of service before graduation through our service learning classes. Every club/organization in Student Government complete a service project every semester. On top of all that, our Office of Service Learning provides amazing service opportunities for all of our students in the form of programs, events, ideas, and even the option to create your own service event!

You have to love Walsh and our focus on service!

Stay classy and have a great week!

– Andrew Chwalik

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