Rome Survival Tips – Trains

In Rome the main form of transportation that you take are trains. Everyday (almost) you take the regional train from the campus site in Castel Gandolfo to Rome Termini. Coming from a small town that doesn’t offer a lot of public transportation this was both a blessing and a learning experience at times. Depending on the time that you get on the train you can have different experiences. Every morning I catch the 7:47 AM, a train that most commuters use so it is generally packed. As you walk down the isles you may see open seats, but people like to put their bag on the empty seat in hopes that no one will sit next to them. At first I would walk by and just try to find a different seat, but over time I found that all you have to do is ask and they will move it and allow you to sit. People are generally pretty quiet no matter what time you get on. Some silently listen to music, work on their computers, or read a book. Every once in a while you will hear some conversations between friends that are sitting in the quad seating sections. I always found that the train ride is relaxing; I am able to mentally prepare myself for the day or just take the time to reflect on everything that happened that day. It is also a great place to work on homework, for about 2 hours a day you are riding a train so why not just knock out readings, papers, or anything else that may cut into your free time. I’ve really learned to both respect and appreciate the trains over my last few experiences, but there is still a piece of me that misses the freedom of having my own car. I hope that when you do the Rome Experience you enjoy your time spent on the trains as well.

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